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Modeling FB | Add Design-Set FB

What is and why use a Design-Set?

A Design-Set is a collection of dimensions and other parameters, that you select from the model, that you can edit together in the Design-Set dialog-box.

When they are in the Design-Set, you do not need to edit each of them separately, each with its own dialog. Because we save the Design-Set with the model, you can open it at any time.

This is a tool that makes it very easy to forward the model to other design engineers so that they are instructed as to which dimensions and parameters they should edit.

See Design-Set dialog-box

Add Design FB


Modeling FB toolbar > Design-Set FB

Menu :

Add menu > Add Design-Set FB

Dialog-box :

Design-Set dialog-box


STEP 1: Add the Design-Set FB to the graphic area

1.Click Modeling FB toolbar > Add Design-Set FB

2.Click in the graphic-area

The Design-Set FB is now in the graphic-area and the Assembly-Tree.


STEP 2: Open the Design-Set dialog-box

1.Double-click the Design-Set FB

- or -

See 'How to open a Dialog-Box'.

Notes :

A. Add to the Design-Set :

Dimensions in the Part-Editor for sketch-elements in ANY Mechanism-Editor

Linear or Angular Motion-Dimensions

Parameters in Function-Blocks

Parameters in the Gear-Pair dialog-box.

B. You can only edit the dimension in the Design-Set.

The dimension and extension lines become gray in the graphic-area


C.Motion-Dimension FBs becomes gray if you add them to the Design-Set.

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