What is and why use a Design-Set?

A Design-Set is a collection of dimensions and parameters that you select from the model, which you can then edit together in the Design-Set dialog-box.

When they are in the Design-Set, you do not need to edit them separately, each with their own dialog. Because we save the Design-Set with the model, you can open it at anytime.

This is a tool that makes it very easy to forward the model to other design engineers so that they are instructed as to which dimensions and parameters they should edit.

Design FB


Modelling FB toolbar > Design-Set FB [Above Graphic-Area]


Add menu > Add Design-Set FB


Design-Set dialog-box


STEP 1. Add the Design-Set FB to the graphic area
1.Click Modelling FB toolbar > Add Design-Set FB
2.Click in the graphic-area to 'place' the Design-Set FB.

The Design-Set FB is now in the graphic-area and the Assembly-Tree.


STEP 2. Edit the Design-Set FB to open the Design-Set dialog-box
1.Double-click the Design-Set FB


see 'How to open a Dialog-Box'.


A.You can add to the Design-Set dialog-box:
Dimensions used for sketch-elements in ANY Mechanism-Editor
Parameters in Function-Blocks
Parameters in the Gear-Pair dialog-box.
B.When you add a dimension or parameter is in the Design-Set, you can edit the dimension value ONLY in the Design-Set.

To indicate to you that you cannot edit the dimension, the its dimension and extension lines become grey.

When you use more than one Design-Set, it is good practice to rename each Design-Set FB so that you can recognize its function.


C.The Motion-Dimension FB becomes grey when you add it to the Design-Set.

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