Kinematic FB | Add Gearing FB

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Kinematic FB | Add Gearing FB

Why use a Gearing Function-Block?

See also Gearing FB dialog-box

The Gearing FB applies a simple linear equation to motion-values at its input-connector.

The linear equation:

Output motion-value = (1r * (Input motion-value + 2r)) + 3r

After you add a Gearing FB, open the Gearing FB dialog-box to edit the parameters in the linear equation.

Add Gearing FB

Toolbar :

Kinematics FB toolbar

Add Gearing FB

Gearing FB

Menu :

Add menu > Add Gearing FB

To Add :

STEP 1: Add the Gearing FB to the graphic-area

1.Click Kinematics FB toolbar  > Gearing FB

2.Click in the graphic-area

The Gearing FB is now in the graphic-area.

To Edit :

STEP 2: Open the Gearing FB dialog-box

1.Double-click a Gearing FB in the graphic-area or Assembly-Tree

- or -

1.See How to Open a Dialog-Box

Dialog :

STEP 3: See Gearing FB dialog-box

Notes :

The default parameter do not change the motion-values at the output-connector.

Use a Gearing Ratio of '-1' to reverse the direction of a Crank.

Connect a Gearing FB to the input of a Motion FB to change the frequency of a motion.

Connect a Motion FB to the input of a Gearing FB to change the amplitude and/or direction of a motion.

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