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Kinematic FB | Add Graph FB

Add Graph FB

Toolbar :

Kinematics FB toolbar


Graph FB

Menu :

Add menu > Add Graph FB

STEP 1: Add a Graph FB to the graphic-area

1.Click Add menu > Add Graph FB

- or -

Click Kinematics FB toolbar > Add Graph FB

2.Click the graphic-area

The Graph FB is now in the graphic-area.

STEP 2: Connect wires

1.Drag wires from the output-connectors of other Function-Blocks to the input-connectors of the Graph FB.

The Graph FB has five(5) input-connectors.

From the top input-connector:

1 – 4 : Different plots, each with a different Y-axis scale - See Below: Y-axis Options

5 : The X-axis scale and the range for the graph - See below X-axis Options

Note: Optional inputs to the X-Axis input-connector (#5 input-connector)

Option 1: No Wire - the X-axis becomes the Master-Machine-Axis

Option 2: Linear-Motion FB or Gearing FB - input motion-values are linear. The Gearing FB can decrease or increase the range of the X-axis, or offset the start of the X-axis from zero.

Option 3: Motion FB or Measurement FB - input motion-values do not necessary increase at a constant rate.

Note: if there is a fly-back across the graph, click Rebuild Now - this command will often remove the fly-back.

STEP 3: Open the Graph FB

1.Click the Graph FB in the graphic-area

The Graph FB is in the Selection-Window

2.Right-click the Graph FB in the Selection-Window

In the contextual-menu:

3.Click Edit element

or, see How to open a Dialog-Box

See: Graph FB to review the Graph Interface.

See Graph Display Option to review the kinematic, kinetostatic and Cam-Data that you can plot with a Graph FB.

See also:

Function-Block menu

Application Settings | Number Format | Data Format

tog_minusGraph FB Interface
2rtog_minusY-Axis Data-Channel Options: