Why use a Linear-Motion Function-Block?

The output from a Linear-Motion FB are motion-values that linearly increase at the same rate as the Master Machine Angle.

You can also use the Linear-Motion FB dialog-box to make the motion-values become 'before' [lead, sooner than]or 'after' [lag, later than] the Master-Machine-Angle.

The 'Function' of the Linear-Motion FB is:

Output motion-value = Master Machine Angle + Machine Angle (see below)
Output velocity = Machine Speed [See Edit menu > Machine Settings ]

Linear-Motion FB

Add Linear-Motion FB

Kinematics FB toolbar > Linear-Motion FB : right of Graphic-Area

Menu :

Add menu > Add Linear-Motion FB

Add :

STEP 1: Add the Linear-Motion FB to the graphic-area

1.Click Linear-Motion FB > Kinematics FB Toolbar
2.Click again in the graphic-area

The Linear-Motion FB is now in the graphic-area.

Edit :

STEP 2: Open the Linear-Motion FB dialog-box:

1.Double-click the Linear-Motion FB in the graphic-area.


Linear Motion FB dialog-box

Linear Motion FB dialog-box


1s-red Machine Angle +

We add the value in this data-box to the Master-Machine-Angle [MMA]

2s Output Option:

Reset after one Cycle

- or -


Click OK to close the Linear-Motion FB dialog-box

Connect a wire from the output-connector of the Linear-Motion FB to the input-connector of a different FB.

Parameters settings

Machine Angle:

Machine Angle = 0: its output is at the same time as the Master-Machine-Angle.
Machine Angle > 0: the output 'leads' the Master-Machine-Angle
Machine Angle < 0: the output 'lags' the Master-Machine-Angle

Accumulate or Reset after one Cycle :

Reset after each Cycle (default): Output = MMA + Machine Angle. The output returns to Machine Angle at the end of each each Machine Cycle
Accumulate: Output = (Number-of-Revs * 360) + Machine Angle + MMA

Generally, use Reset after one Cycle

Use Accumulate when you want to model a watch, or a mechanism that does not have a motion-period equal to the Master-Machine-Angle, for example.

Notes :

You must use a Linear-Motion FB in the 'first' kinematic-chain.

Generally, the 'Machine Angle = 0' in the 'first' kinematic-chain.

See Also :

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