What is a Point-Cloud?

In general, the term Point-Cloud is used for an array-of-numbers that are coordinates that specify the shape of a 2D or 3D object..

In MechDesigner, the coordinates frequently specify the shape of a 2D-Cam, and the cam has been measured with a Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM).

Point-Cloud FB

We use the Point-Cloud FB to import-data that represents a 'shape'.

We use the Point-Cloud FB to fit a curve to the imported-data. The curve is mathematically smoother than the imported-data

hmtoggle_plus1Application Note: To reverse-engineer a 2D-Cam.
1. Measure an old Cam, import the Point-Cloud and define it as a new curve with the Point-Cloud dialog-box.
2.Use the curve, in combination with a Magnetic-Joint and a Graph FB to find the motion of a Cam-Follower.
3.Use the tools in MotionDesigner to identify the motion of the Cam-Follower.
4.We would frequently redefine the motion with an improved motion. We use the improved motion to re-calculate the 2D-Cam.
5.Finally, you can recalculate the cam-coordinates and export them for cam manufacture.

See also Globe-www Tutorial-21 Reverse Engineer a Cams

Point-Cloud FB

Add Point-Cloud FB

Modelling FB toolbar > Point-Cloud FB [Above Graphic-Area]

Menu :

Add menu > Add Point-Cloud FB

Dialog-box :

Point-Cloud dialog-box

What to do :

The Point-Cloud is an element that is child to the Part.

STEP 1. Add the Point-Cloud FB to the graphic area
1.Click Modelling FB toolbar > Add Point-Cloud FB

The Command-Manager shows one selection box

2.Click a Part in the graphic-area or the Assembly-Tree
3.Click OK-tiny-11-15 in the Command-Manager

The Point-Cloud FB is now in the graphic-area and Assembly-Tree.

Edit :

STEP 2.  Edit the Point-Cloud FB to import a Point-Cloud and fit a curve to the imported-data, with the Point-Cloud dialog-box

To open the Point-Cloud dialog-box:

1.Explore the Assembly-Tree to find the Point-Cloud ; it is a child to a Part
2.Double-click the Point-Cloud FB to open the Point-Cloud dialog-box


...see 'How to open a Dialog-Box'.

Video :

See YouTube: http://youtu.be/IME9Eb4mpQE


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