Statistics FB

Add Statistics FB

Modelling FB toolbar > Statistics FB - Above Graphic-Area


Add menu > Add Statistics FB


Statistics dialog-box

What for:

To show basic statistical data for a variable for 1 machine-cycle.

Graph FB : plot data over one Machine-Cycle.
Stats FB : summarize data for one machine-cycle as simple statistical data.

How to Add:

1.Click Modelling FB Toolbar > Statistics FB
2.Click again in the graphic-area

The Statistic FB is now in the graphic-area.


Wires that connect Function-Blocks have up to 3 data-channels.

Examples of data-channels on a wire are:

Position, Velocity, and Acceleration.
Total Force, Force X, and Force Y.

See Data-Channels for more information.

How to get Statistical Data


STEP 1: Connect a wire to the input of the Statistics FB


STEP 2: Edit the Statistics FB [See How to Open a Dialog-Box ]

Select Derivative 

Select which Data-Channel:

Data-Channel 1

Pos/ Ang [default data-channel]

Data-Channel 2

Vel / Ang Vel

Data-Channel 3

Acc / Ang Acc

Ignore the other separators in the dialog.


Step 3:  CTRL+ Click the Statistics FB

The Statistics FB dialog lists the 'statistics' for the Data-Channel you select in

To edit the number-formant for the statistics, use:

Application-Settings > Number-Format > Data-Output Format > Digits and Precision


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