Statistics FB

Add Statistics FB

[Above Graphic-Area]: Modelling FB toolbar > Statistics FB


Add menu > Add Statistics FB


Statistics dialog-box

What for:

To show basic statistical data for a variable.

'If you can connect a wire to the input-connector of a Graph FB, then you can also connect a wire to a Statistics FB'.

The Graph FB plots the variable over one Machine-Cycle.
The Stats FB provides a summary of the variable for one machine-cycle as simple statistical data.

How to Add:

1.Click Function-Block Toolbar >Add Statistics FB
2.Click in the graphic-area

The Statistics FB is now in the graphic-area.

How to use:

Step 1:

1.Connect a wire to the input-connector of the Statistics FB from a different FB

Step 2:

1.Double-click the Statistics FB in the graphic-area to open the Statistics dialog-box
2.Expand the Motion Derivative separator
3.In the drop-down list, click a motion derivative, or motion variable, in the list.

The Statistics FB analyses the first motion-derivative in the default case.

For example, from Position, Velocity and Acceleration data as the three data-channels, the Statistics FB will analyse the Position data. See Data-Channels for more information

Please ignore the other separators in the dialog.

4.Close the dialog-box

Step 3:

1.CTRL+ Click the Statistics FB to show the statistics of the motion-values or motion variable.

The Statistics FB is a read-only dialog.


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