4: Feedback-Area

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4: Feedback-Area

The Feedback-Area 4r

The Feedback-Area is below the graphic-area.

Notes: To make the Feedback-Area look like the image below, you may need to do Visibility toolbar > Hide MotionDesigner to hide MotionDesigner.

Feedback Area

Feedback Area [Hide MotionDesigner if the Area has 'word'wrapped'.

Short and Extended Hints Red-14-1b

('Hints' are also 'Tool-tips')


Hints for each command show in this box as you hover above each command.

Hints show in this box even if hints do not show at your pointer. Drag the divider-barRed-14-8 to the right to see all of the hint.

Note: To stop hints showing at your mouse-pointer, clear the check-box

Edit menu > Application-Settings > Accessibility tab > Menus separator > Show Hints

Message Window Red-14-2


The most recent message is at the top of the list.

Please read the message if you cannot complete a command

To clear all messages:

1.Right-Click, with your pointer in the Message Window area

2.Click Clear Messages

Messages are classified as:

Information Information; Warning Warnings; Error Errors (save your work!).

Note: If 'sounds' are enabled, then you will hear a different 'honk' sound with each type of message.

See Edit menu > Application-Settings > Accessibility tab > Sounds separator

Master-Machine-Angle (mma) Red-14-3


Has a range of 0 – 360, which is one(1) Machine Cycle.

Arrowhead pointer - below the scale - is the approximate value of the MMA.

Digital Readout - to the right of the scale - is the exact value of the MMA.

Revs - to the left of the scale -  is the number of times the MMA has completed a cycle. ALT+H puts the Revs and the MMA to zero(0)

To move the Master Machine Angle (MMA) to a specified machine angle:

Approximately: Drag, to the left or right, with your mouse-pointer inside the MMA scale. The Digital Readout will indicate the actual MMA value.

Exactly: Enter a value in the Digital-Readout data box with your keyboard, or the Spin-Box tool. You can use the Spin-Box with even tiny increments.

To jog, or micro-jog,  the Master Machine Angle (MMA):

Edit the Spin-Increment

Press you mouse-button-down continually on the Spin-Arrow to increase or decrease the MMA by the Spin-Increment.

Vector Scales Red-14-4

Up and down buttons to increase or decrease the length of the vectors, when you show kinematic or force vectors in the graphic-area.

Animation Speed Slider Red-14-5


To increase the animation speed:

1.Drag with your mouse-pointer inside the Animation Speed SliderRed-14-5

Drag to the left to slow-down, or to the right to speed-up the animation.