Where are the MechDesigner Files after installation?

We add directories and files to your computer when we install MechDesigner.

In the paths described below, note that the default locations for:

<Install Directory> C:\Program Files\PSMotion\MDxx Pro64\

<CommonAppData> C:\ProgramData\PSMotion\

<LocalAppData> C:\users\<user-name>\AppData\Local\PSMotion\

<User-name>: 'Kevin' [for example]

MechDesigner Paths after installation [MD14]

MechDesigner Paths after installation [MD14]

SOLIDWORKS Type Library:

<Install Directory>\ SW_TLByyyy_64 \

yyyy = SOLIDWORKS Release. As you use different SolidWorks Releases, we will install another Type Library

Database files:

<CommonAppData>\ DBase \

See also: Help menu > Edit Language Database

Local Help:

<CommonAppData>\ Help \ [MechDesigner.CHM]

See also: How to download Local Help

Theme and settings:

<CommonAppData> \ Style \

See also: Edit menu > Application Settings : 'Save' / 'Load' buttons

Example Models:

<LocalAppData> \ Examples \

See Also: Help menu > Internet sub-menu > Download Example Models

MechDesigner.INI file:

<LocalAppData> \ Inifiles \


When you watch tutorials [see Help menu > Download Tutorial videos],they download to:

<LocalAppData> \ Tutorials\ *.mp4

See Also: File menu > Download Tutorial Videos

Timing Diagrams:

<CommonAppData> \ Timing Diagram.xlsm

<LocalAppData> \ Timing Diagram.xlsm

CopyMinder Software Protection Text Files:

There are two files that you may need to email to PSMotion if you have problems with CopyMinder:

Protection Key Number: C:\ProgramData\HW\MD32_0_0\cm\mechdesigner.exe.cm.ini [File-type: 'Configuration settings']

CopyMinder Log File: C:\ProgramData\HW\MD32_0_0\cm\mechdesigner.exe.cm.log [File-type: 'Text Document']


ProgramData and AppData are hidden by default in Windows® 7, 8, and 10. To make them visible:

1.Click : Start [Windows] > Documents >  [ or File-Explorer > ]

The Documents interface opens.

2.Click View menu in the Documents interface
3.Click Options - at the right of the Ribbon menu

The Folder Options dialog opens

4.Click View tab
5.Click Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives radio-button
6.Click Apply button and Close the dialog.


! Be careful. Hidden files are 'hidden' so that they cannot be moved or deleted by accident, because they are important !

Other Files:

<user account>_*.memopad

Names of the Memos' you can add to the Model and each Mechanism name-tab.

* 'Model' and 'Mechanism' name-tab.


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