Option 1: Fixed Pulley centers

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Option 1: Fixed Pulley centers

Option 1: Fixed Pulley Centers


Fixed Pulley Centers : the pulleys do not move relative to the Base-Part.


The sketch-loop/path is in the Base-Part.

Each Pulley is a Part that is joined to the Base-Part with a Pin-Joint.

A Pulley Part can be a:

Driving-Pulley : is kinematically-defined (Green Part-Outline) before you use Add Pulley.

Driven-Pulley : is not kinematically-defined (Blue Part-Outline) before you do Add Pulley. It is kinematically-defined after you do Add Pulley.

It is possible to have:

1.Pulleys that are driven by the Linear Motion of a Belt

2.Belt that is driven by the Angular Motion of a Pulley

3.Many pulleys with One Belt

4.Two or more Pulleys on one shaft axis (more than one Belt)


Pulleys and Fixed centers:


Pulleys are Rotating-Parts, with Pin-Joints at the center-Points of Arcs in the sketch-loop


The Belt is a sketch-loop

The sketch-loop is in the Base-Part


When the motion is specified for the:

Belt: the motion of each Pulley is specified by the motion of the Belt.

Pulley. the motion of the Belt and all other Pulleys are specified by the motion of the Driving-Pulley.