Calculate Kinetostatic Forces

Use the Calculate Forces button to silently calculate Kinetostatic-Forces

See Show Force Vectors to display the Force Vectors.

The calculations provide the Application Load Torque that is at the output-shaft of a servomotor and gearbox.

A servomotor and gearbox have inertia that they must also accelerate in addition to the Application Load. As such, they also need torque. The total torque is calculated with the Kinetostatic Torque-Speed dialog-box.

See Kinetostatic Servo motor and Gearbox selection.


Force toolbar > Calculate Forces


Forces toolbar > Do Not Calculate Forces

Menu :

Add menu > Forces sub-menu > Calculate-Forces FB


To calculate Kinetostatic Forces:

The kinematic-chain must be kinematically-defined.
There is a minimum of one Part in the kinematic-chain that has mass.
The Power Source should be configured to act at the correct Joint, Cam, Gear-Pair or Spring with the Configure Power Source dialog-box.

See also: Show Force Vector, Configure Power Source, Tutorial 13


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