What is the 'Edit-Part icon' for in the Part-Editor?

It is a 'toggle-command'.

When in the Part-Editor : Click the 'Edit-Part in the Part-Editor' icon to close, or exit, the Part-Editor, and to return to the Mechanism-Editor.

When in the Mechanism-Editor : Click a Part-Outline then the 'Edit-Part in Part-Editor' icon to start the Part-Editor.

Note: there are many other methods to start and close the Part-Editor.

Edit-Part icon in the Part-Editor.

Edit PArt icon

Above Geometry toolbar > Edit Part icon [left of graphic-area]


not in menu

Use one of these methods to close the Part-Editor [and return to the Mechanism-Editor]

1.Click the Geometry toolbar > Edit Part icon, at the left of the graphic-area.

- or -

1.Double-click a Line, Circle or Arc sketch-element.

Note: If you double-click...


...the CAD-Line dialog-box opens


...the Blend-Curve dialog-box opens


...the Point Vectors & Position dialog-box opens

...more than one element, nothing happens.

- or -

1.Double-click the Y-axis.

Note: You can also double-click the X-axis, however, a CAD-Line is collinear with the X-axis of an Added-Part, and thus more difficult to double-click.


- or -

1.Right-click the graphic-area

The contextual-menu shows.

The Edit-Part icon is active

2.Click the 'Edit Part in Part-Editor' command to de select it


- or -

1.Double-click the Part in the Assembly-Tree.


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