How to close the Part-Editor.

See also : How to Start the Part-Editor

To close the Part-Editor, do one of the methods described below.

btn_delkeywordMethod 1: De-select Edit Part

Edit PArt icon

1.Click the Geometry toolbar > Edit Part icon, at the left of the graphic-area.
btn_delkeywordMethod 2: Double-click a sketch-element
1.Double-click a Line, Circle or Arc sketch-element.



If you double-click...


...the CAD-Line dialog-box opens


...the Blend-Curve dialog-box opens


...the Point Vectors & Position dialog-box opens

...more than one element, nothing happens.

btn_delkeywordMethod 3: Double-click the Y-axis
1.Double-click the Y-axis.

Note: The X-axis is more difficult to double-click, because it is collinear with the CAD-Line.


btn_delkeywordMethod 4: Right-click
1.Right-click the graphic-area

The contextual-menu shows. The Edit-Part in Part-Editor icon is active.

2.Click the Edit Part in Part-Editor command to de-select it


btn_delkeywordMethod 5: Double-click element in Assembly-Tree
1.Double-click the Part in the Assembly-Tree.



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