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Geared-Rocker Part

A Geared-Rocker Part is a kinematically-defined Part.

MechDesigner derives the motion for the Geared-Rocker Part from the:

1.Motion of the Driving-Part, relative to the Line-of-centers between the two Gears

The Input Gear is a kinematically-defined Part and also a Rotating-Part.

2.The number-of-teeth on each Gear

3.Mesh of the Gear-Pair: Internal or External Mesh.

You must define the number-of-gear teeth and mesh in the Gear-Pair dialog-box.

tog_minus        Geared-Rocker: Degrees-of-Freedom and Mobility

tog_minus        The Geared-Rocker in the Kinematics Tree

tog_minus        Preparation of elements before you can add a Gear-Pair