Dyads (Assur Groups)

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Dyads (Assur Groups)

Dyads (Assur Groups)

Dyads (also known as Assur Groups) always have:

Two Parts

Three Joints

There is no limit to the number of Dyads in a single kinematic-chain.

The joints specify the relative motion of the Parts in the Dyad.

A Dyad, or Assur group, is a kinematic chain with zero(0) degree of mobility, which when added to or subtracted from a kinematic-chain does not alter its original degrees-of-freedom.

They were first described by the Russian engineer Leonid Assur (es) (1878-1920) in 1914.

tog_minusDyads: Degrees-of-Freedom

tog_minusDyads: The Basic Construction

tog_minusDyads: Suggested Steps to Add a new Dyad

tog_minusDyads: in the Kinematic Tree