6B: Labelling Machine Cams

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6B: Labelling Machine Cams

Design Study: 'Labelling Machine'

Note: this tutorial is easier if you use the Machine elements > Gear-Pair

This tutorial improves your modeling skills.

You learn how to add a 2D-Cam to the machine frame (Base-Part).

(We do not show you the motion design for the tools that transfer the label*. You can experiment in MotionDesigner).

You will use the Trace-Points and Velocity Vectors at Points to help you review how the label and tools interact.

*Contact PSMotion if you need our consultancy to design a motion for a labelling or similar machine, especially when tools need to roll along a stationary magazine, glue stations, printing heads...).

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Summary of this Tutorial

1.Preparation 1: Add the 'Hardware': turrets and tools.

2.Preparation 2: Design the motion and shape for each Tool and a Bottle

3.Add Cam-Followers and Stationary 2D-Cams - the easy part - select the Cam-Part, and Select the Cam-Follower!

Icon-Add2DCam A Stationary 2D-Cam

Specify the design with kinematic-chains

Add the 'Hardware': Turrets and Tools:

Step 6B.1: Add Bottle Turret and Bottle Platform

Step 6B.2: Add the Transfer Turret and Tool

Step 6B.3: Add the Pick & Place Turret and Tool

Design and Add the Motions to coordinate the Tools and Label

Design the Motion and Shape of the Tools

Step 6B.4: Transfer from the Magazine to P&P Tool

Step 6B.5: Transfer from the P&P Tool to Transfer Tool

Step 6B.6: Transfer from the Transfer Tool to Bottle

Add the 3 Stationary 2D-Cams

Control the Motion of the Tools with Stationary 2D-Cams

Step 6B.7:Add the Cam to control the Bottle Platform Motion

Step 6B.8: Add the Cam to control the Transfer Tool

Step 6B.9: Add the Cam to control the P&P Tool.