Design Study: 'Labelling Machine'

This tutorial improves your modelling skills.

You learn how to add a 2D-Cam to the machine frame (Base-Part).

(We do not show you the motion design for the tools that transfer the label*. You can experiment in MotionDesigner.).

You will use the Trace-Points and Velocity Vectors at Points to help you review how the label and tools interact.

*Contact PSMotion if you need our consultancy to design a motion for a labelling or similar machine, especially when tools need to roll along a stationary magazine, glue stations, printing heads...).

You can skip this tutorial. If you need to model a rotary machine, review this at that time.

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View of a Typical Labelling Machine.

View of a Typical Labelling Machine.

Schematic of Labelling Machine
Schematic of Labelling Machine

See this YouTube video – between 1:00 and 2:00. This link is with the permission of the Copyright holder.

In this Tutorial, we model a Rotary Labelling Machine.

This is the 3D MechDesigner model on YouTube – .  In this tutorial, we design the tool schematics and motions, not the 3D Model.

General information

A typical labelling machine has rotating turrets with a tools mounted around each periphery. The tools can rotate on their own axes, while they also move with the rotation of the turret.

In this model, there are three turrets. The tools rotate, so they can remove a label from a magazine, then transfer it to another turret and tool, and finally onto a bottle on the third turret.

The image above and right, shows a schematic of the Labelling Machine.  The label moves from right to left.

List of the Machine Sub-assemblies:


Label Magazine.

The Magazine must:

1. Release the label correctly


P&P-Turret with Tools:

Each tool must:

1.Rotate to remove a label from the Magazine.
2.Transfer the label to the Tool on the Transfer-Turret.


Transfer-Turret with Tools:

Each tool must:

1.Rotate to accept the label from a Tool on the P&P-Turret
2.Rotate to transfer the label to a Bottle on the Bottle-Turret.


Bottle-Turret with Bottle Platforms:

Each Bottle must:

1.Rotate to accept the label from the Tool on the Transfer-Turret

The Three Transfers of the Label:


First Transfer: the Label from the Magazine to the P&P Tool


Second Transfer: the Label from the P&P Tool to the Transfer Tool


Third Transfer: the Label from the Transfer Tool to the Bottle

Note that the:

First Transfer is between a tool that moves and a stationary label

Second Transfer is between tools that move in opposite directions

Third Transfer is between tools that move in the same direction

Summary of this Tutorial

1.Preparation 1: Add the 'Hardware': turrets and tools.
2.Preparation 2: Design the motion and shape for each Tool and a Bottle
3.Add Cam-Followers and Stationary 2D-Cams

Icon-Add2DCam A Stationary 2D-Cam

Specify the design with kinematic-chains

Design and Add the Motions to coordinate the Tools and Label

Add the 3 Stationary 2D-Cams

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