1rMain menus and General-Use Toolbars:

The 'General Use menus' are at the top of the application, and the 'General Use toolbars' are above and below the graphic-area.

Main Menu bar


File menu

The commands include: Open, New, Save, Save as...Exit, as well as Save Timing Diagram, ...

Edit menu

The commands include: Application Settings and Machine Settings, Undo, Redo, Rename, Delete, ...

Add menu

See Three-Editors: Workspace and toolbars

Run menu

The commands include: Step Forward [one step], Step Backward [one step], Home, and Cycle Continuously, ...

Filters menu

See toolbars' below graphic-area, ...

View menu

See toolbars below graphic-area, ...

Help menu

The Help menu has links to the 'Local' or 'On-line' help, and a command to let you show or hide tool-tips.

You MUST read these details before you should Edit the Language Database.

The Internet sub-menu gives external links to our website.

General Use toolbars...ABOVE graphic-area

To show and hide the commands in each toolbar, use the 'expand/collapse' icon for each toolbar.

Click the icons or text to read the 'reference help'


Click to expand and collapse toolbars

Click to expand and collapse toolbars

File toolbar


The File toolbar

The File toolbar

Edit toolbar


The Edit toolbar

The Edit toolbar

Run toolbar

Run Toolbar

The Run toolbar

Visibility toolbar

The Visibility toolbar

The Visibility toolbar

General Use toolbars...BELOW graphic-area

Click the icon

Click to expand or collapse toolbars

Click to expand or collapse toolbars

View toolbar

Use the icons to show and move the model in different ways.

The View toolbar

The View toolbar


Selection Filters toolbar

You can reduce the number of elements you can select in the graphic-area by selecting a Filter.

When you select one or more Filters, then you can select only those elements. You cannot select the elements that you do not 'Toggle In'.

If you do not select a Filter, then you can select all elements.

Selection Filters toolbar

Selection Filters toolbar
[All filter elements selected]


Display toolbar

Click the icons to show or hide elements in the graphic-area.

Display Filters toolbar

Display Filters toolbar 

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