What is a 2D-Cam?

In a machine, a 2D-cam is a planar [flat] shape that moves a cam-follower with a specified motion. The 2D-cam and the cam-follower remain in continuous contact [usually].

In MechDesigner, the motions of the Parts that are the cam and the cam-follower are specified before you can use Add 2D-Cam.

Thus, the Cam and the Cam-Follower Parts must be Green before you do Add 2D-Cam.

See Also: 3D-Cam

hmtoggle_plus12D-Cam : Related Elements and Actions

Action 1A

Add 2D-Cam

... optional ...


Action 1B

Edit Cam Display and Properties dialog-box

Action 2A                

Add Cam-Data FB

Action 2B

Edit Cam-Data FB to select a 2D-Cam

Action 3A

Do Cam-Analysis [with Graph FB]

Use Cam Data FB Output-Connectors of Cam-Data FB:

Entrainment Velocity

Action 3B

Calculate Cam-Coordinates as Points or Arcs

Save as:

Transfer directly to SOLIDWORKS

*Force analysis only: Configure Power Source

Add 2D-Cam

Add 2D-Cam icon

Machine Elements Toolbar : Add 2D-Cam


Add menu > Mechanism sub-menu > Add 2D-Cam



You need two elements:

1.A Part to which we add the 2D-Cam
2.A Profile element on a different Part that becomes the Cam-Follower.

The two Parts must be kinematically-defined, with Green Part-Outlines.

See Shape of the Cam-Follower.


What to do:

1.Click Machine-elements toolbar > Add 2D-Cam

The Command-Manager has two selection boxes:

'Select Part to carry Cam'
'Select Profile to be... Cam-Follower'


2.Click a Green Part-Outline (a kinematically-defined Part) as the Part that 'carries' the cam.
3.Click a Profile in a different kinematically-defined Part, which is the shape of the Cam-Follower.
4.Click OK-tiny-11-15 in the Command-Manager.



MechDesigner calculates the internal and external Cams and shows them in the graphic-area.

We call the Cams: Cam 1 and Cam 2. You can also display the Pitch-Curve

See Cam Display and Properties dialog-box



MechDesigner adds a 'Camplate' as a child to a Part, and the 2D-Cam as a child to the Cam-plate. You can add many 2D-Cams to the same Cam-plate.

MechDesigner identifies the Cam as 'Good' or 'Bad' Cam - based on Radius-of-Curvature only.


It is your responsibility to make sure the cams are suitable for your needs.


 A 'Good' Cam


 A 'Bad' Cam


How to...

Add a 2D-Cam


'Expand' then 'Play'

How to...

Add a 2D-Cam



1.To show a scaled colour 'swatch' and colours along the Cam for Pressure Angle, or Contact Force, or Maximum Shear Stress: see the Cam Display and Properties dialog-box
2.Use a Cam-Data FB to get the Cam-Coordinates.
3.If a 2D-Cam has an SSR or SSP Dyad in its kinematic-chain, you should use 'Show other Mechanism Sketches' to make sure the Cam is correct.

See Also:

Cam Display and Properties dialog-box,

Cam-Data FB.

Cam-Coordinates dialog-box

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