Mechanism | Add Conjugate Cam FB

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Mechanism | Add Conjugate Cam FB

What is a Conjugate Cam?

The design of a cam-system must make sure the Cam-Follower Roller is in continuous contact with the Cam surface at all machine speeds. There are two design options:

A.Force Closed Cam - the cam-follower is pushed or pulled against the cam with an external force. E.g.: with a Spring, Air-Cylinder, Gravity, Magnet, ...

B.Body-Closed Cam - two rollers in one part, generate two different cams. Each roller/cam pair prevents the other roller lifting off its cam.

In Design B, the two cams are called conjugate-cams. The two cams are located in the same machine-part.

The two cam-follower rollers are also located in one machine-part.

Why do we need to add the Conjugate Cam FB element?

In MechDesigner, it is easy to add a number of cams to one part, each with a different roller or flat-faced follower.

We use a Conjugate-Cam FB when the force analysis is important. We use it to apply the Power Source correctly, so that the contact-force switches between the two conjugate-cams.

2D-Cam elements and 2D-Cam dialogs




STEP 1: Add a 2D-Cam

-> EDIT to OPEN ->

STEP 1A: 2D-Cam dialog-box

STEP 2 : Add Cam-Data FB


-> EDIT to OPEN ->

STEP 2A : Cam-Coordinates dialog-box

Close to do STEP 4 or do STEP 5 now.

STEP 3 : Cam Analysis (See also STEP 4A)

... Cam-Data FB and Graph FB


STEP 3A : Calculate, save, export Cam-Coordinates

STEP 4A : If you need to do 'Cam Force and Stress' Analysis: Configure Power Source, Mass Properties of Parts

Add Conjugate Cam FB

Toolbar :

Machine elements Toolbar


Machine elements Toolbar : Add Conjugate Cam FB

Menu :

Add menu > Mechanism sub-menu > Add Conjugate-Cam FB



You need in the model.

Two 2D-Cams

Cams should be on one Part  

Cam-Followers should be on one Part


What to do:

1.Click Machine-elements toolbar > Add Conjugate-Cam FB

2.Click the graphic-area.

The Conjugate-Cam-FB is now in the graphic-area.


3.Edit the Conjugate-Cam FB to open the Conjugate-Cam FB dialog-box.

4.Click the two 2D-Cams in the graphic-area or the Assembly-Tree.

Cam-Track : the names of the two 2D-Cams that are the Conjugate Cams.

Cam-Flank Visible : the Cam-flanks that will be active as the Power Source.

When you open the Configure-Power Source dialog-box, the Conjugate Cam is available to select as the Motor Elements.