What is a Conjugate Cam?

A machine design must make sure the Cam-Follower Roller is in continuous contact with the Cam. There are two design principals:

Force Closed Cam - the cam-follower is pushed pulled against the cam with an external force. For example a Spring, Air-Cylinder, Gravity, Magnet, ...
Body-Closed Cam - add to the same parts in the model a second cam-follower roller and a second cam. The cam-follower rollers are in the same part and thus they move together. The two Cams are also in the same Part. The two Cams in the one Part are called Conjugate-Cams.

Why do I need to add the Conjugate Cam FB element?

We use a Conjugate-Cam FB when the force analysis is important. We use it to apply the 'Power Source' correctly by switching the contact between the two conjugate-cams.

2D-Cam elements and 2D-Cam dialogs




STEP 1: Add a 2D-Cam

-> EDIT to OPEN ->

Cam Display and Properties dialog-box

STEP 2 : Add Cam-Data FB


-> EDIT to OPEN ->

STEP 3 : Cam-Coordinates dialog-box

Close to do STEP 4 or do STEP 5 now.

STEP 4 : Cam Analysis [See also STEP 4A]

... Cam-Data FB and Graph FB


STEP 5 : Calculate, save, export Cam-Coordinates

STEP 4A : If you need to do 'Cam Force and Stress' Analysis: Configure Power Source, Mass Properties of Parts

Add Conjugate Cam FB


Machine Elements Toolbar : Add 2D-Cam


Add menu > Mechanism sub-menu > Add 2D-Cam



You need in the model.

Two 2D-Cams

Cams : the same Part  
Cam-Follower: the same Part


What to do:

1.Click Machine-elements toolbar > Add Conjugate-Cam FB
2.Click the graphic-area.

The Conjugate-Cam-FB is now in the graphic-area.


2.Edit the Conjugate-Cam FB to open the Conjugate-Cam FB dialog-box.
3.Click the two 2D-Cams in the graphic-area or the Assembly-Tree.

Cam-Track :the names of the two 2D-Cams that are the 'Conjugate Cams'

Cam-Flank Visible : the Cam-flanks that will be active as the Power Source.

When you open the Configure-Power Source dialog-box, the Conjugate Cam is available to select as the Power Source.


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