What is Reference Geometry

Reference Geometry is a sketch-element that is copied to the Base-Part in the 'active' Mechanism-Editor from a Part in a 'source' Mechanism-Editor. If you edit or move the 'source' sketch-element, the Reference Geometry in the active Mechanism-Editor also updates to the new size or position.

Reference-Geometry may also have a motion. When the 'source' and 'active' Mechanism-Editors are parallel, the motion-values [position, velocity and acceleration] are also transferred to the Reference Geometry.

Add Reference Geometry

Add Reference Geometry icon

[Left-Side of graphics-area] Kinematic Elements Toolbar : Add Reference Geometry


Add menu > Mechanism sub-menu > Add Reference Geometry

What to do:

1.Click a Mechanism-Editor in to which that you want to copy sketch-elements from a different Mechanism-Editor.

If necessary,

2.Toggle Off Display toolbar > Show hide Profiles (you cannot make a reference copy of Profile Contours, but you may 'try' to select one)
3.Use Visibility toolbar > Show other Mechanism Sketches to Toggle On
4.Spin the model to see the sketch-element in the source Mechanism-Editor that should be in grey and also see the elements in the active Mechanism-Editor.
5.Click Add Reference-Geometry
6.Click a sketch-element [Circle, Arc or Line] in the 'source' Mechanism-Editor
7.Click OK-tiny-11-15 in the Command-Manager

Do Steps 5-7 again and again to copy more sketch-elements.


MechDesigner copies the sketch-element from the source Mechanism-Editor to the Base-Part in the active Mechanism-Editor. It is Reference Geometry.



How to...

Add Reference Geometry


See Below - More Details


You cannot delete or edit a reference sketch-element. You must delete or edit the source sketch-element in the source Mechanism-Editor.
Reference Geometry element names are 'RefLine' or 'RefCircle'.

tog_minus        How to Add Reference Geometry - More Details

You need two Mechanism-Editors.

Mechanism A: The 'source' Mechanism-Editor with the 'source' sketch-element in a Part you want to 'reference'.
Mechanism B: The 'active' Mechanism-Editor into which you want to add the 'source' sketch-element to become 'Reference Geometry'.

Show other PArt-Outlines and Sketches

STEP 1: Make Mechanism 'B' active


STEP 2: Spin the model [keyboard arrow keys] to view the sketch in the Mechanism A.

In the image to the left, the active Mechanism B is in front of the source Mechanism A

You cannot select the grey geometry from Mechanism-A before you start Add Reference Geometry.

Reference Geometry icon

STEP 3: Click Kinematic element toolbar > Add Reference-Geometry


The Command-Manager instruction is:

Add Lines, Circles or Arcs to the active Mechanism with Lines, Circles or Arcs in a different Mechanism.


STEP 4: Click the sketch-element in Mechanism A you want to 'copy' as Reference-Geometry to Mechanism B.


STEP 5: Click OK

The sketch-element shows in the Mechanism B.

Do steps 3-5 again to add more Reference Geometry sketch-elements.

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