Mechanism | Add Reference Geometry

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Mechanism | Add Reference Geometry

What is Reference Geometry

Reference Geometry is a sketch-element that is copied to the Base-Part of the active Reference Mechanism-Editor from a sketch-element in a different Source Mechanism-Editor.


Source Sketch-Elements - the original sketch-element, in any Part, moving or stationary, in a different Mechanism-Editor.

Reference Sketch-Element - the sketch-elements that is copied to the active Mechanism-Editor.

The source sketch-element may be on a moving Part. In this case, the motion of the source sketch-element is also copied to the reference sketch-element

Two Rules: Nearly always, the two Mechanism-Editors are parallel to each other, and they do not move relative to each other.

You must think VERY carefully, if you do not observe these two rules.

Add Reference Geometry

Add Reference Geometry icon

Kinematic Elements Toolbar : Add Reference Geometry (Left of graphic-area)

Menu :

Add menu > Mechanism sub-menu > Add Reference Geometry

What to do :

You need two Mechanism-Editors, which are typically on parallel Mechanism-Planes.

You copy a sketch-element from the Source Mechanism-Editor to the Reference Mechanism-Editor

If necessary:

Click the Reference Mechanism-Editor

Click Display toolbar > Show / hide Profiles to hide Profile elements. You cannot make a reference copy of a Profile, but you may 'try' to make one.

Use Visibility toolbar > Show Other Kinematic and Sketch-Elements to show sketch-elements in other Mechanism-Editors.

View toolbar > Spin to see the sketch-element in the source Mechanism-Editor

1.Click Kinematic-elements toolbar > Add Reference-Geometry  

2.Click a sketch-element (Circle, Arc or Line) in the Source Mechanism-Editor

3.Click OK-tiny-11-15 in the Command-Manager

A copy of the sketch-element that you select in (2), is added to the Base-Part of the active Mechanism-Editor.

The new sketch-element is Reference Geometry.

Do 1 - 3 again and again to copy more sketch-elements.

Video :


How to...

Add Reference Geometry


Preparation :

See Below - More Details

Notes :

You cannot delete or edit a reference sketch-element. You must delete or edit the source sketch-element in the source Mechanism-Editor.

Reference Geometry element names are RefLine or RefCircle.

tog_minusHow to Add Reference Geometry - More Details