What is a Trace-Point?

A Trace-Point shows, on the Mechanism Plane, the locus of a moving Point for one machine-cycle.

With special conditions, you can slowly drag the Point in the Mechanism Editor and see the Trace-point continuously update.

Add Trace-Point

Add Trace-Point

[Left-side of graphics-area] Kinematic Elements Toolbar : Add Trace-Pointy


Add menu > Mechanism sub-menu > Add Trace-Point

What to do:

1.Click Add Trace-Point
2.Click a Point in the graphic-area in a kinematically-defined Chain.

If the Select Elements dialog-box opens, you have clicked more than one Point.

a.Click a Point in the Select Elements dialog-box
b.Click OK to close the Select Elements dialog-box


3.Click OK in the Command-Manager

Do Steps 1-3 again and again to show Trace-Point of other Points, as necessary.

See Special Condition below.


MechDesigner shows the 'Trace of the Point' on the Mechanism Plane.


Occasionally, you may need to use the 'Rebuild' button to update the locus of the trace as you edit the model.


How to...

Add a Trace-Point


You can add many Trace-Points to the same and different Parts.
You will not see the trace of the Point if the Point does not move!
Other terms for 'Trace-Point' include Locus, Curve, Path, Trajectory, Trace and Coupler Curve.

It is possible that the trace-point does not complete its closed path in one cycle of the MMA (a machine-cycle). In this case, increase use a Gearing FB to increase the number-of-cycles each kinematic-chain cycles within one MMA [machine cycle].

Special Condition

As a special condition, you can 'Drag' Points in the Mechanism-Editor if all of these conditions are met:

In the Part-Editor:

a.You use Add Point to add the Point
[The Point cannot be a child to a different sketch-element]
b.You do not add a dimension or a constraint to the Point

and, in the Mechanism-Editor:

c.You add a Trace-Point to the Point

To Drag the Point more easily:

Reduce the Number-of-Steps to '30' in the Machine Setting dialog-box

- or -

Drag the Point and then keep the pointer very still until the Trace-Point moves to the pointer

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