Kinematic Function-Blocks [FB]: Menus and Toolbars

Kinematic Function-Blocks are the 'brains' of kinematic-chains.

Use Function-Blocks to give and modify motion-values of Motion-Parts [using a Motion-Dimension FB], and Motion-Points [using a Motion-Path FB].
Use Function-Blocks to measure and plot the linear or angular motion of Points and Lines, or the relative motion between different Points and Lines.
Use Function-Blocks to calculate and export Cam-Coordinates
Connect Function-Blocks with wires. The motion-values flow instantly through all Function-Blocks that you connect together.

See also How to connect FBs ; Forces menu and toolbar

Kinematics FB menu [Add menu]


Kinematics FB toolbar

The Kinematics Function-Block toolbar is to the right [>>}of the graphic-area in the Mechanism-Editor.



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