Mechanism menu and Contextual toolbars

The kinematic and machine elements that you add to a Mechanism-Editor become the 'bones' of the machine model. To add 'flesh' over the 'bones' you will need to add 'Solids'.

Use the kinematic-elements to build the basic kinematic-chains with simple 'kinematic-pairs'
Use the machine elements to add more function parts to the model to transform motions with complex 'kinematic-pairs'.
Nearly all of the elements are projected onto the Mechanism-Plane of the Mechanism-Editor.

Mechanism menu - Kinematic elements toolbar

Note: you can use the commands that are in the Model-Editor also in an active Mechanism-Editor.

The Mechanism menu is a sub-menu of the Add menu.


Mechanism toolbars

The Mechanism toolbar has become two toolbars: Kinematic Elements toolbar and Machine-Elements toolbar.

The two toolbars are to the left of the Mechanism-Editor's graphic-area.

Kinematics Elements toolbar


Machine Elements toolbar



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