What is a Plane?

A Plane is flat surface onto which you can add new Mechanism-Editors.

Use Model toolbar > Add Plane and Mechanism menu > Add Plane to add and position a new Plane.

In the Model-Editor: you can only add a new Plane with a different Plane as the source-element

In the Mechanism-Editor: you can add a new Plane with a different Plane, or a Line, or a CAD-Line, or the X-axis, or the Y-axis of any Part.

Add Plane (Model-Editor)

Add Plane icon

Model elements toolbar : Add Plane icon

Command menu :

Add menu > Mechanism sub-menu > Model sub-menu > Add Mechanism

Model toolbar

Model toolbar
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STEP 1: Click ...

Add menu > Mechanism sub-menu > Model sub-menu > Add Plane


Model elements toolbar > Add Plane

The Plane dialog-box opens

Add Plane dialog

Add Plane dialog

In the Model-Editor, you can only use Add Plane to add a Plane as an 'Offset from an existing Plane'

The parameters in the Plane dialog-box are:

1s-red  Name of New Plane

2s  Method to add new Plane

3s 'Element' the source Element for the new Plane

4s Distance dimension to the new Plane

In the Model-Editor, you must click a Plane as the source 'Element'3s


The Plane dialog-box opens immediately as you add the Plane. The only other dialog-box that opens immediately is Add Dimension.

To edit the parameters later, simple edit the Plane, as you would edit any other element, to open the Plane dialog-box again.



STEP 2: Click a Plane

Click a Plane in the graphic-area or the Assembly-Tree.

The Plane you want should show in the Elements box3s of the Add Plane dialog-box

Source Plane and New Plane

Source Plane and New Plane

When you select an existing Plane1s ... [as the source element]

... you can see the new Plane2s in the graphic-area immediately.

Add Plane dialog-box.

Add Plane dialog-box.

STEP 3: Edit Distance to the New Plane4s

In the Plane dialog-box, edit the 'Distance to the New Plane'4s.

To edit this parameter value, you can use:


your keyboard to enter a new value in the data-box5s, then press the 'Enter' key on your keyboard.

You can see in the graphic-area, the new Plane move relative to the source Plane.

STEP 4: Click OK-tiny-11-15 to close the dialog-box

MechDesigner adds a new Plane to the graphic-area and Assembly-Tree.

Note - if you cannot see the new Plane, use these tools:

Spin the model. Use your keyboard arrow keys, or View menu > Spin model
Make sure Display Planes is not set to 'hide' - See Filters menu (or Toolbar) > Display Planes

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Video of Add Plane:

How to...

Add a Plane to a Plane in the Model-Editor.



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