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Model | Add Plane

What is a Plane?

A Plane is a flat surface, defined by its XY-axes in its XYZ coordinate -system.

We add new Mechanism-Editors and new Planes to Planes.

We use Planes to configure (arrange) the layout of the model.


In the Model-Editor, you can add a Plane to a Plane only.

In Mechanism-Editors, you can add a Plane to a Plane, a Line, a CAD-Line, the X-axis, and the Y-axis of any Part.

Add Plane (Model-Editor)

Model toolbar

Menu : Add menu >  Model sub-menu > Add Mechanism


Toolbar : Model toolbar : Add Plane


STEP 1: Click Add PlaneRed-14-1b

The Plane dialog-box opens.

Its format is:

Red-14-1 Element Name - of new Plane

Red-14-2 Plane Definition - Method to add new Plane - Offset from Plane in the Model-Editor

Red-14-3 Parameter to define the new Plane - Distance to New Plane in the Model-Editor

Red-14-4 Element box - the Plane from which the new Plane will be offset.



STEP 2: Click a Plane.

Click a Plane in the graphic-area or the Assembly-Tree.

The Plane you select shows in the Element boxRed-14-4 of the Plane dialog-box

You can also see the new Plane in the graphic-area immediately.


STEP 3: Edit the ParameterRed-14-3

Edit the Distance to New PlaneRed-14-3 (from the Plane in STEP 2).

1.Use the Spin-Box tool

- or -

1.Use your keyboard to enter a new value in the data-box

2.Press the Enter key on your keyboard.

New Plane in the Graphic-Area

New Plane in the Graphic-Area


STEP 4: Click OK-tiny-11-15 to close the Plane dialog-box

The new PlaneRed-14-2 is in the graphic-area and Assembly-Tree.


If you cannot see the new Plane:

View menu > Zoom-Out

View menu > Spin model

Filters menu (or Display toolbar) > Display Planes

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Video of Model Editor > Add Plane:

How to...

Add a Plane to a Plane in the Model-Editor.