The editors are the:


Refer to MechDesigner Reference Help and MotionDesigner Reference Help to learn more details about the different menu commands and toolbar icons.

WORKSPACE: the same for each Editor:

Each Editor has the same interface: a Graphic-Area, Contextual toolbars and a Name-tab.

Working Interface example: Mechanism-Editor.

Working Interface example: Mechanism-Editor.


The area to add, view, select and edit elements in the Model, Mechanism and Part-Editors.

Contextual toolbars:  

Toolbars, to the LEFT-SIDE and RIGHT-SIDE of the Graphic-Area:

The toolbars are contextual to each Editor.

Name Tab:  

Click on a different tab, at the top of the graphic-area, to move between Mechanism-Editors and the Model.

While you edit a Part, the Mechanism icon and the Mechanism's name become the Part icon and Part's name.


The Add menu and its sub-menus have the commands you need to add elements.


When you start MechDesigner, you see the Model-Editor and its name-tab.




Model iconModel Editor tab icon Model Editor name-tab icon

The graphic-area shows the Front Plane and the Triad at the Origin. To see the three orthogonal Planes, you must spin the view. To spin the view, use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Red is the X–axis.

Green is the Y–axis [Gravity is in the '-ve' Y-axis]

Blue is the Z–axis.


Model Toolbar

Model Toolbar

Click the Model name-tab to show the Model-Editor.

The contextual toolbar is to the left-side of the graphic-area.

Use the Model-Editor to:

Add Planes and Mechanism-Editors [You MUST add a minimum of one Mechanism-Editor].
Cycle : to review the different parts in your model interact as they move, synchronized to the machine cycle.


When you add a Mechanism-Editor to a Plane, you 'jump' immediately to the new Mechanism-Editor.


Mechanism-Editor: No-Parts


Icon-MechanismEditor-NoParts       Mechanism-Editor 'tab-icon' : Parts are NOT in Mechanism-Editor

This is the tab-icon BEFORE you add a Part to the Mechanism-Editor.

Icon-MechanismEditor-~WithParts   Mechanism-Editor 'tab-icon' : Parts are in Mechanism-Editor

This is the tab-icon AFTER you add a Part to the the Mechanism-Editor.

The Mechanism-Editor is the working environment to build kinematic-chains.

In each Mechanism-Editor, you will add:

Parts and Joints that become kinematic-chains - the 'bones'
Function-Blocks that move each kinematic-chain - the 'brain'
Solids that become the 3D view - the 'flesh and skin on the bones'
Springs to analyze kinematics and forces - the 'muscles'
Mechanism-Editor:  With a Part

With a Part


There are contextual toolbars to the left-side, right-side, and above the graphic-area...

Modelling FBs toolbar [ABOVE]

Modelling FBs toolbar [above the graphic-area]

Modelling FBs toolbar [above the graphic-area]

Kinematic-elements toolbar [LEFT]

Kinematic-Elements toolbar [left-side of graphic-area]

Kinematic-Elements toolbar [left-side of graphic-area]




Kinematic-FB toolbar [RIGHT]

Kinematic-FBs toolbar [right-side of graphic-area]

Kinematic-FBs toolbar [right-side of graphic-area]

Machine-elements toolbar [LEFT]

Machine-elements toolbar [left-side of graphic-area]

Machine-elements toolbar [left-side of graphic-area]





Forces toolbar [RIGHT]

Forces toolbar  [right-side of graphic-area]

Forces toolbar
[right-side of graphic-area]

Solids/Extrusions toolbar [ABOVE]

To add Profiles and Extrusions to sketch-elements when they are arranged as a sketch-loop.

Solids toolbar [ABOVE graphic-area]

Solids toolbar [ABOVE graphic-area]


The Mechanism-Editor becomes the Part-Editor when you edit a Part.



Part-Editor - sketch-elements, and dimensions and constraints

Icon-PartEditor-icon Part-Editor icon

Use the Part-Editor to add:

Sketch-elements : Points, Lines, Arcs, Circles, Blend-Curves, Splines
Dimensions and constraints : to or between sketch-elements

To edit a different Part: Close the Part-Editor, return to the Mechanism-Editor, edit the different Part.

Note: Constraints you add show in the Selection-Window when you click the sketch-element


Geometry menu and Geometry toolbar [left-side of the graphic-area] to add sketch-elements to the Part-Editor.

Constraints menu and Constraints toolbar [right-side of the graphic-area] constrain sketch-elements in the Part-Editor.

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