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HTML help

The On-Line Help is usually the most up-to-date. Use this link, if you are not working on-line now: On-line Help.

To view the On-Line Help, you will need an internet connection, web-browser and video player.


Local Help CHM file

You will need the 'Off-Line Help' when you want to use the F1 key to get contextual help for a command, dialog, or parameter.

See this topic 'How to download and use the 'Local-Help'.



We do not provide a hard-copy of the user manual.

There are three manuals you can download and use with a PDF browser.

Complete Help - Tutorials and Reference Help . This is a huge file. We recommend you review the help on-line.

These links are for help files MechDesigner and MotionDesigner menus and toolbars. These files are much smaller.


In addition to the complete manual in the 'Windows Help CHM format' [which you need in the correct path in order to get help with the F1 key], you can download the separate Reference Help for MechDesigner and MotionDesigner to use independently

Tips for using the 'Help'


Web Help

Off-Line or Local (CHM) help

To select a topic:

Use the Table of Contents - to the left.

Use the Contents tab, at the left.

To perform a Quick Search:

In the 'Quick Search' box, enter a search term and click 'Search'.

Look at the search results and descriptions in the main panel to determine the best match. Beneath each description is a breadcrumb trail that reflects the topic hierarchy.

Click the Search tab, enter a term, and click List Topics. Select a topic and click Display.

Create Boolean searches with "AND," "OR," "NOT," and "NEAR."

Select Search previous results to use only the previously found topics for the next search. This allows you to narrow down your search by adding keywords.

Select Match similar words to highlight similar words in the found topics. For example, if you search for "open," topics with both "open" and "opening" are found.

Select Search titles only to find only topics with the keyword in the title.

To perform a more detailed search

Click the Search or Keyword Search tab.

Enter a term in the box.

Look at the results.


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