5-44 MotionDesigner

MotionDesigner is a separate application with which you add, name and design motions. Each motion has a unique name, shown in the Motion name-tab.

To Link a Motion to a Part

We use a Motion FB to link a Motion in MotionDesigner to a Part in the MechDesigner model.


In detail, the steps are:

STEP 1: Add a Motion FB to the graphic-area
2.Click the graphic-area

The Motion FB is now in the graphic-area.

STEP 2: Open the Motion FB dialog-box
1.Double-click a Motion FB in the graphic-area.

- or -

1.Click the Motion FB one time
2.Right-click the Motion FB element in the Selection-Window,
3.Click Edit Element...]

The Motion FB dialog-box opens. See image to the left.

STEP 3: Select a motion from the drop-down box

Motion0 is the default motion. To select a different motion:

1.Click the 'Select Motion' drop-down list box1s-red
2.Click the motion name that you want to use in the MechDesigner model
3.Optionally, select the 'Accumulate output' check box2s
4.Optionally, select 'Linear' or 'Rotary' in the 'Output Data Type' 3s[required if you connect the Motion FB to a Motion-Path FB - see STEP 5.].

In the image, above left, 'Motion0' has been selected.

STEP 4: Connect wires to the input-connector of the Motion FB .

You must connect a wire to the  input-connector of the Motion FB

The data-values at the input-connector become the X-axis motion-values for the Motion in the MotionDesigner.

Those motion-values at the output-connector correspond to the Y-axis values given by the motion graph in MotionDesigner

STEP 5: Finally, connect a wire to a Motion-Dimension FB, or a Motion-Path FB, to apply the motion at the output-connector to a Motion-Part or Motion-Point.


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