How to link a Motion in MotionDesigner to a Motion-Part and Motion-Point 5r

We can design many different motions in MotionDesigner. We must link one or more of the motions from MotionDesigner) to Motion FBs that we add to the model in MechDesigner. We would then usually connect a wire to a Motion-Dimension FB or Motion-Path FB so that the motion the controls the movement of a Motion-Part or a Motion-Point.

In more detail, follow these steps in MechDesigner:

STEP 1: Click Kinematics-FB toolbar > Motion FB
STEP 2: Click the graphic area

The Motion-FB in now in the graphic-area

STEP 3: Edit the Motion-FB dialog-box - see How to edit an element
STEP 4: Click the drop-down arrow to show a list of motion names.

The names in the list are the same as the Motion name-tabs', in MotionDesigner.

STEP 5: Click a motion name in the drop-down box.
STEP 6: Click OK-tiny-11-15 to close the Motion FB dialog-box.
STEP 7: Connect wires to the input-connector and from the output-connector of the Motion FB to other FBs or directly to a Motion-Dimension FB or Motion-Path FB.

General Notes:

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Note 1:

MotionDesigner : Help and Tutorials

Click here, for the Reference Help.
Click here for the Getting-Started-Tutorials.

Note 2:

To toggle 'show or hide' MotionDesigner:

Note 3:

You do NOT need to save motions. The

The motions save automatically when you save the MechDesigner model.

However, you CAN save all of the motions to one file with:

Motion: File toolbar > Save As

or save individual motions with

Motion: File toolbar > Save Active Motion.

Note: 4:

To use MotionDesigner, you may need to click in its application window to make it active.

Note: 5:

Use MotionDesigner to design motions for Motion-Parts and Motion-Points in kinematic-chains.


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