The Project-Explorer 3r

The Project-Explorer is at the left-side of the graphic-area and Contextual Toolbar.

There are three panels in the Project-Explorer.

Project Explorer:  Selection-Window Command-Manager Element-Explorer

Project Explorer:


A list of the elements that you click in the graphic-area or in the Element-Explorer[see below]3s

Use the Selection-Window to edit, rename, delete elements, and also to 'show-element references'. To edit, rename, or delete an element:

1.Click the element in the graphic-area or the Element-Explorer

The elements you click [you may click more than one element] show in the Selection-Window.

2.Right-click the element you want to edit, rename or delete to show a contextual-menu
3.Click 'Edit...' , 'Rename', or 'Delete' in the contextual-menu.

See more : Selection-Window


The Command-Manager gives a hint. For many commands, it will also have one or more selection-box.

To complete the command, you MUST select elements that are contextual to each selection-box, in order, from top to bottom...

Do not click in the selection-boxes as that will clear all elements you may have already selected.

1.Click an element in the graphic-area or the Assembly-Tree that is contextual to the top-most selection-box

The next selection-box becomes active...

2.Click an element that is contextual to the 'next' selection-box, below the top-most
3.Continue to click elements that are contextual to each selection box, from top to bottom , in order.

When all selection-boxes have elements and it is possible to complete the command, the OK-tiny-11-15 tick-button becomes active...

4.Click the OK-tiny-11-15 at the bottom of the Command-Manager when it becomes active.

See more: Command-Manager

Element Explorer

The Element Explorer show the elements that are in the model.

The Element Explorer has three trees. It shows two trees at one time.

In the Model-Editor or Mechanism-Editor, the two trees are the:

Assembly-Tree [ DE: die Baugruppe baum ]

In the Part-Editor, the two trees are the:

See more: Element-Explorer

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