About Parts

Parts become the moving elements in kinematic-chains.

Objective of this Step

1.Learn how to identify the Mechanism-Editor - before and after you add a Part.
2.Learn how to add a Part with the Drag technique
3.Identify the elements in a Part: its CAD-Line, start-Point, end-Point, Origin and its +X–axis direction.

Short Summary of this Step:

1.Click in the Add menu > Mechanism sub-menu > Add-Part (or Kinematic-elements toolbar)
2.Drag your mouse-pointer in the graphic-area



Tutorial 1: STEP 1.2

Add Part


Identify the Mechanism-Editor

It is possible to add many Mechanism-Editors. Each has a different Mechanism name-tab

In Step 1.1 we added one Mechanism-Editor. Thus, there is one Mechanism name-tab.

This Step is very simple. We want to make sure the new Mechanism-Editor is the active editor, and not he Model-Editor.

Make sure the new Mechanism-Editor is the active editor:


1.Click the Mechanism name-tabRed-14-1b at the top of the graphic-area

- or -

1.Click MechanismRed-14-3 in the Assembly-Tree (see image below)


The symbol for a Base-PartRed-14-2 - the fixed Part - is a rectangular Green Part-Outline. It represents the machine-frame.


You can see in the Assembly-Tree that the Base-Part is a child to the Mechanism-Editor.

Add the new Part...


STEP 1: Click Kinematic-element toolbar > Add Part
- or -
Click Add menu > Mechanism sub-menu > Add Part
- or -
SHORTCUT: Click the INSERT key on your keyboard
Drag to Add-Part

Drag to Add-Part

The pointer changes to the Add Part pointerRed-14-3


DO NOT CLICK the graphic area before you start to Drag.
It is not very important:
owhere you add the Part
ohow long you make the Part.

STEP 2: Use the Drag technique to add the Part to the graphic-area

The start-Point is where you mouse-button-down. The end-Point is where you mouse-button-up.



The Part-Outline Red-14-1b is Blue
There is a CAD-LineRed-14-2 from the start-Point to the end-Point the Part.
The XY-AxesRed-14-3 and origin of the Part are at the start-Point of the CAD-Line
The +X-axis is from the start-Point to the end-Point of the CAD-Line.

Save your mechanism


To Add Part

1.'Left Mouse-Button Down' (and keep it down) - to place the start-Point
2....'move your mouse-pointer'
3....'Left Mouse-Button Up' to place the end-Point.


Add Part is NOT a persistent command. Thus:

After you select Add-Part, and before you drag, do not click in the graphic-area  as MechDesigner will not add a Part with zero-length.
If you click without dragging to add the drag, the Add Part command becomes de-selected.

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