Add the 'Hardware': Turrets and Tools

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Add the 'Hardware': Turrets and Tools

Rotary machines have many tools, or platforms, on each turret.

Usually, it is necessary to model only one tool on each turret.

Note: I will soon replace Steps 6B.1 to 3 with a Simple Gear Train and Add Rockers to the Geared-Rockers. See Tutorial 14.


I will give more details soon.

To Model the Turrets

Add two Gear-Pairs as a Simple Gear-Train. The First Gear-Pair with a ratio of teeth that are 2:1. The second Gear-Pair with a ratio of teeth that is 1:1.

Example Gear Teeth are 300 : 150 : 150; Module 2, all external Gears.

To Model the Tools

Edit the Length of the Input Crank, and the two Geared-Rockers, that are the Main Turret, Transfer and P&P Turrets, to 2/3 of the radius of the Gear.

Add Parts, and join with Pin-Joint to the ends of the Geared-Rockers (or to a Line in the Geared-Rocker that is at 180º to the CAD-Line in the Geared-Rocker).

Edit the Length of the Parts to 1/2 the Radius of the Geared-Rockers. Add Motion-Dimensions to the Tooling Parts.

THE OLD METHOD - Summary of this Section: Add Three Turrets with a Tool on each.

See the video to the left.

Step 6B.1: Add Bottle Turret and Bottle Platform

Step 6B.2: Add Transfer Turret and Tool

Step 6B.3: Add P&P Turret and Tool