Prepare the Rocker

In this Step we:

1.Add a Rocker to the Slider.
2.Specify the Motion of the Rocker.

tog_minusPreparation 1E: Add a Rocker to the Slider


Edit the sketch to add a Point for the Pin-Joint of the Rocker.

STEP 1: Double-click the Part that is the slider to edit the sketch tool sketch.
STEP 2: Add a sketch to the original tool sketch.

In the sketch, we need a PointRed-14-1b for the Pin-Joint, and a LineRed-14-2 for the Motion-Dimension FB - as we will add a Rocker.

STEP 3: Close the Part-Editor



STEP 4: Click Kinematic elements > Add PartRed-14-3 | Drag in the graphic-area to add the Part
STEP 5: Click Kinematic elements > Add Pin-Joint | Click the start-Point of the Line in the Base-Part and the start-Part of the new Part.
STEP 6: Click Kinematic FB > Add Motion-Dimension FBRed-14-4 | Click the Pin-Joint, the Line in the Base-Part and the CAD-Line along the Part.
STEP 7: Edit the Motion-Dimension FB
STEP 8: Motion-Dimension dialog-box:  Base-Value = -60
STEP 9: Click Kinematic FB > Add Linear-Motion FB and the graphic-area.
STEP 10: Connect the Motion-Dimension FB and the Linear-Motion FB


STEP 11: Edit the Rocker - PartRed-14-3 in the image above
STEP 12: Add a Line and a Circle, as shown to the left.
STEP 13: Dimension the Line and Circle as shown to the left.

The angle of Line is 30° to the CAD-Line

The length of the Line is 100mm

The radius of the Circle is R30mm


STEP 14: Edit the Motion-Dimension | Edit the BASE-Value to -130
STEP 15: Add a Motion FB and Linear-Motion FB.
STEP 16: Connect the Function-Blocks
STEP 17: Cycle (ALT+C) to preview the design.

You will notice the Slider moves back and forth by 100mm and the Rocker oscillate by 100º – at the same time.

Q: Why is the motion the same?

A: We have linked the same Motion in MotionDesigner to the two Motion-Dimension FBs.

tog_minusPreparation 1F: Edit the Motion for the Rocker


STEP 1: In MotionDesigner: File Toolbar > Add Motion


STEP 2: Use Active-Motion-Settings > Motion tab > Motion

Rename the original motion to Slider and the new motion to Rocker.


Add a Segment and edit the Blend-Points.

STEP 3: Do Segment Toolbar > Append Segment
STEP 4: Edit X Value and Y-axis values. of the Blend-Points















STEP 5: Edit the Motion FB that we have connected to the Rocker
STEP 6: Select Rocker to link it with the Motion FB
STEP 7: Cycle the Mechanism (Run menu > Cycle or ALT+C) before we add the 2D-Cam



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