Step 6D1.0: DESIGN 1: The Target Design

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Step 6D1.0: DESIGN 1: The Target Design

Design 1:  Target for Tutorial


Slot Cam with Motion a Function of the Slider Motion

Tutorial 6D.1


How to assemble this model: Summary

1.Add a rotating 2D-Cam to move a Cam-Roller along a Slider (as a Translating Follower).

2.Add a Rocker to the Slider

3.Design a motion for the Rocker and add the motion to the Rocker.

4.Add a Cam-Roller and Profile to the Rocker.

5.Add a 2D Cam (Slot-Cam) - select the Base-Part and the Profile in the Rocker.

The motions of the key Motion-Parts are:

The reciprocating (linear) motion of the Slider (Translating Follower) is a function of the Master-Machine-Angle

The oscillating (angular) motion of the Rocker is a function of the motion of the Slider (Translating-Follower) - and NOT the Master-Machine-Angle