Why use Design-Sets?

Let us imagine a design objective: 'Improve the pressure angle between a cam and a cam-follower'.

Without a Design-Set you must:

1.Edit a Part...edit a dimension...close the Part-Editor...
2.Review the design objective - has it improved?
3.Edit a FB...edit the parameter...close the FB dialog-box...
4.Review the design objective - has it improved?

Repeat 1 to 4 again and again and again...

With a Design-Set you can:

1.Add to the Design-Set all of those dimensions and parameters that you believe can improve or influence the design objective
2.Edit, within one Design-Set dialog-box, the dimensions and parameters
3.Watch the design objective continuously change [in a Graph FB] at the same time as you edit the dimensions and parameters in the one Design-Set dialog-box

The Power of a Design-Set:

1.The effect on a design objective as you edit dimensions and parameters is immediate, and...
2.... the sensitivity of the design objective to each dimension and parameter is much easier to understand
3.... it is very convenient.
4.It is much easier for you to edit the model in the future
5.You can make it much easier for other design engineers to use and edit your model.

The Design Objective


Before we start this tutorial, add this cam mechanism in a new file, or to a new Plane in an existing file.

It is a 4-bar mechanism. The length of the short-rocker[left] is 100mm ; the length of the long-rocker[right] and the coupler[horizontal] are 200mm.
The Pin-Joint in the Base-Part of the long-rocker is at [200,-100]mm. The centre of the Cam-Shaft is at [100,100]mm.
There are two cams and two cam-follower-rollers. The rollers are ø40mm
The two cam-follower-rollers are fixed to the coupler of a 4-bar mechanism, and offset from the coupler's centre-line by approximately 10mm.

What are the Design Objectives?

In this tutorial, we use one Design-Set to find a solution to two design objectives.

The design objectives are:

1. The 2D-Cams should have the same maximum radius.
2.The minimum radius-of-curvature of each 2D-Cam should not be less than 20mm.

Note: I apologise that this is a very boring design objective! However, the tutorial does show you how to add, edit and use Design-Sets.

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