Add Element-Row to the Design-Set

What are Element-Rows?

Each Element-Rows is linked to a dimension or a parameter.

When you open the Design-Set dialog-box, you add element-rows, and then 'link' to each element-row a dimension or parameter.


When you link a dimension or parameter to an element-row, you can only edit them in the Design-Set dialog-box.

To edit a dimension or parameter in the normal way, again, you must delete them from the Design-Set dialog-box.


In the graphic-area of the Part-Editor

You will see that dimensions are grey


In the graphic-area of the Mechanism-Editor

You will see that Motion-dimension FBs are grey ,

...and have a small 'Design-Set' mini-icon attached.

Open the Design-Set

Edit FB-DesignSet

STEP 1: Open the Design-Set dialog-box

To edit a Design-Set - use the usual procedures to edit an element.

See How to open an element's dialog-box

The Design-Set dialog-box:


When you open the Design-Set dialog-box the first time, it is empty.

Also the icons are grey to indicate they are not available

You must add elements to the Design-Set. To do this, you must use the Design-Set toolbar icons.

The toolbar icons:

DesignSetPL -  Click the Padlock icon to lock and unlock the Design-Set. It is very good practice to re-lock immediately after you add elements to the Design-Set.
DesigSetAdd - Use to add an element-row to the Design-Set.
DesignSet-Minus - Use to remove an element-row from the Design-Set.
TrafficLightGreen24 - Use to rebuild the model, to make sure the model uses the active values in the Design-Set dialog-box.

To Unlock the Design-Set

1.Click the padlock icon,DesignSetPLto unlock the Design-Set.

The icons become colourised

Add Element Rows to the Design-Set:

1.Click the DesigSetAdd to add an element-row.
2.Click it again and again to add more element-rows.

Add one element-row for each dimension and parameter you want to add and edit with the Design-Set dialog-box.

If you add too few or too many element-rows you add or delete element-rows later.

There are three fields in each row [I have added Orange boxes in the image below]

1s-red Element's Name and its Parent. [You must click 'Element's name 'Select in graphics' to make it the active element-row].

2s Property Value of the dimension or parameter

3sThe Maximum or Minimum Values and Limits. You must click the Min<>Max button to make those active.

The Active Element Row is with the blue Property-Value 


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