Add Element-Row to the Design-Set

What are Element-Rows?

You add 'element-rows' in the dialog, and then 'link' to each row a dimension or parameter.


While a dimension or parameter is linked to an element-row in a Design-Set, you can ONLY edit that dimension or parameter from the Design-Set dialog-box.

You must delete the dimension or parameter from the Design-Set, before you can edit it in the normal way, again.

Dimensions that are grey in the Part-Editor are typically linked to a Design-Set.

Open the Design-Set

Edit FB-DesignSet

STEP 1: Open the Design-Set dialog-box

To edit a Design-Set - use the usual procedures to edit an element.

1.Move your mouse-pointer over the Design-Set icon, and Right-Click
2.Click the Edit-Element icon in the contextual-sensitive icon palette - see image

- or -

1.Double-click the Design-Set in the graphic-area

- or -

1.Click the Design-Set so it shows in the Selection-Window
2.Right-click it in the Selection-Window
3.Click Edit in the contextual-menu

The Design-Set dialog-box:


When you open the Design-Set dialog-box the first time, it is empty.

Also the icons are 'grey' to indicate they are not available

You must add elements to the Design-Set. To do this, you must use the Design-Set toolbar icons.

The toolbar icons:

DesignSetPL icon -  Click the Padlock icon to unlock the Design-Set.

The icons have colours when the Design-Set is not locked.

It is very good practice to re-lock immediately after you add elements to the Design-Set.

DesigSetAdd - Use this to add an element to the Design-Set.
DesignSet-Minus - Use this to remove an element from the Design-Set.
TrafficLightGreen24 - Use this to rebuild the model, to make sure the model is uses the active value of each element in the Design-Set dialog-box.

To Unlock the Design-Set

Click the padlock icon,DesignSetPLto unlock the Design-Set.
The icons become colourised

Add Element Rows to the Design-Set:

Click the DesigSetAdd to add an element row.
Click it again and again to add more element rows.

Add one element row for each dimension and parameter you will add and edit with the Design-Set.

You can add and remove rows each time you edit the Design-Set. Thus you do not need to add the exact number of rows at this time.

There are three fields in each row:

Element's Name2s and its Parent.
Property Value3s of the dimension or parameters
The right-side field are the suggested Maximum or Minimum Values and Limits.

You must click the Min<>Max button to make those active.

The Element Name that is surrounded by a 'white' box, is the active row.


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