Apply Min and Maximum Values to limit the Range of the Cam-Shaft-Centre


Edit the Design-Set

1.Double-Click the Design-Set in the Assembly-Tree or graphic-area - (or see How to open a Dialog-Box )

Note: Each time you open the Design-Set dialog-box, the Element-Rows may be in a different sequence.

In the Design-Set dialog-box,

2.Click the Min-Max iconRed-14-1b for the Cam-X and the Cam-Y Element-Rows


3.Enter the Minimum and Maximum values in the boxes as shown to the leftRed-14-2

Cam-Y: Minimum = -50 ; Maximum = -10

Cam-X: Minimum = 30  ; Maximum = 120

Now we can edit the position of the Cam-Shaft only within these limits.

Save your model

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