In this step we will open a DXF Drawing File and show it in the graphic-area.

Open a DXF File


STEP 1: Open a DXF File.
In the Windows interface, change the 'File as type' to DXF
The select the file.

MechDesigner adds a DXF element to the Assembly-Tree.

Note: The DXF element is usually at the bottom of the Assembly-Tree. It may move to the top of the Assembly-Tree, above the Mechanism element - see image left.

Open the CAD-Line dialog-box


STEP 1: Add a Part.

If necessary, add a new Part.

Do Add menu > Mechanism sub-menu > Add Part.

STEP 2: Double-Click the CAD-Line.

The CAD-Line is along the centre of the Part.

If necessary, use the Selection-Window to find and open the CAD-Line dialog-box.


The CAD-Line dialog-box opens.

STEP 3: Select the DXF tab

Link the DXF File with the CAD-Line


If necessary, expand Select DXF Element separator.

STEP 1: Click the down-arrow to expand the Select DXF-Element list box

The name (DXF : testingDXF.DXF) in the drop-down list box has two(2) parts. The:

Name of the DXF element, as it is in the Assembly-Tree.

In this case, the name of the DXF element : 'DXF'. is the name of the DXF file you opened with 'File menu > Open DXF file'

In this case, the name of the DXF file you opened was 'Trace1.DXF'.

The name of the DXF element shows in the DXF Element box, after you select the element in the box.


'Edit-Layer' button - click to explore the 'Layers' that might be in the DXF drawing. See Edit Layers dialog-box

'Clear Link' button - click to remove the DXF Drawing from the CAD-Line.


The DXF-Outline of the DXF Drawing shows in the graphic-area.

STEP 2: Click OK

Note 1: If the DXF Drawing is far from the origin of the DXF file, you may need to zoom out!

Note 2: If the DXF Drawing is very small, or it is in 'inches' and you are working in 'mm', you may need to zoom in!

Use the DXF Element dialog-box to change the units of the DXF file to the original units of the DXF Drawing, and reload DXF File.


OPTIONAL ALIGNMENT.  If the DXF Drawing does not align with the CAD-Lineas you expect, then click the Align dxf TO caD-Line.

You may need to Toggle OFF and Toggle ON the Display DXF Points tool to show DXF Points.

STEP 3: Click in the DXF Point to Origin box to make it active
STEP 4: Click a Point in the DXF Drawing in the graphic-area that you want to align with the Origin of the CAD-Line

The Point (with a number) should show in the 'DXF Point at Origin' box

STEP 5: Click in the DXF Point to X-Axis  
STEP 6: Click a Point in the DXF Drawing in the graphic-area you want to align with the +X-axis of the CAD-Line

The DXF Drawing moves to the new alignment with the CAD-Line.

If you make a mistake, or want to select other Points:

STEP 7: Click the box DXF Point to Origin, DXF Point to X-Axis, and the DXF Points.
STEP 8: Click OK-tiny-11-15.

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