Step 8.2: Convert DXF Outline to Extrusion Elements

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Step 8.2: Convert DXF Outline to Extrusion Elements

Now, we must select and convert 'DXF-Entities' (such as DXF Lines and DXF Arcs that are in the 'DXF-Outline'), to MechDesigner sketch-elements.

The button to convert the DXF Entities to MD sketch-element is in the CAD-Line dialog-box.  We select the new sketch-elements, when as a sketch-loop, to add a Profile element.

Convert DXF-Entities into MechDesigner Lines and Arc separator


STEP 1: Click the Convert DXF into MD Lines and Arcs separator.

MechDesigner links the Part with the CAD-Line to the 'Parent Part' box.

STEP 2: Make sure the name of the Part shows in the 'Owner Part' box. Red-14-1b

STEP 3: Click a 'DXF Entity' in the graphic-area

Each DXF-Entity is a child to a DXF-Outline.

Here, we have selected 'Line7' as the 'DXF-EntityRed-14-2

STEP 4: Click the check-box so that 'Loop Select Enabled' showsRed-14-3

MechDesigner attempts to find a sketch-loop which includes the DXF Entity: See Above 'Line 7Red-14-1b' See Also: Sketch-Loop

STEP 5: Clear the check-box so that 'Entities Unlocked' showsRed-14-4

Select this check-box if you want to fix the points in the DXF Drawing

STEP 6: Click the Convert Entities buttonRed-14-5

MechDesigner uses the DXF Entity, and the DXF entities in a sketch-loop, to make new sketch-elements.


This is 'Line7'Red-14-1b in the graphic-area.


The new sketch-elements AND the DXF-Outline are in the graphic-area.


If the DXF Drawing has many DXF Entities, you may need to select 'DXF Entities' and 'Convert Entities' many times.

It is sometimes convenient to remove the DXF Outline from the graphic-area and the CAD-Line after you 'Convert the DXF-Entities'.

STEP 7: Click the DXF Element Selection separator

STEP 8: Click the Clear Link button


The new sketch-elements stay in the Part - see left.

If the 'Sketch-Loop' option is successful, the sketch-elements are a sketch-loop.

It is possible to use the new sketch-elements to add a Profile and Extrusion.

STEP 9: Click OK at the bottom of the CAD-Line dialog-box to close it.

Use the Add Profile command

If MechDesigner has found a sketch-loop, you can add a Profile.

You can optionally, edit the Part to add sketch-elements to complete a sketch-loop if the Convert Entities tool did not find a sketch-loop.


STEP 1: Click Add Profile in the Extrusions Toolbar or Solids menu

STEP 2: Click a sketch-element in the sketch-loop

STEP 3: Click OK-tiny-11-15 in the Command-Manager.



STEP 4: Spin the View in the graphic-area to view the Profile.

The sketch-elements align with the Primary Contour of the Profile (when the 'Part Offset' and 'Extrusion Offset' values in the Extrusion dialog-box are 0mm).


To view the new Extrusions:

STEP 5: Click the Model name-tab
- or -
Click Visibility toolbar > Show Solids in Mechanism

In summary:

We show a DXF Drawing as a DXF Outline in the graphic-area.. You cannot edit a DXF Outline.

Optionally, we select DXF Entities in the DXF Outline to add new sketch-elements.

The 'Sketch-loop' option attempts to select a number of DXF Entities to make a sketch-loop.

We  select a new sketch-element in a sketch-loop to add a Profile.