What is a Hole?

A Hole cuts completely through a Profile / Extrusion [Solid].

Thus, before you can use this command, you need a Profile in a Part

Note: To see the Hole through the Solid, use : Visibility toolbar > Show Model in Mechanism

Add Hole



Solids toolbar > Add Hole above graphic-area.


Add menu > Mechanism sub-menu > Solids sub-menu > Add Hole

to ADD:

1.Click Solids Toolbar > Add Hole

The Command Manager-starts. There are two selection-boxes

2.Click a sketch-loop, all of which is inside the bounds of an existing Profile
3.Click the Profile through which you want to cut the hole

The sketch-loop and the Profile are now in the selection-boxes in the Command-Manager

4.Click OK-tiny-11-15 in the Command-Manager

Note: Use: Visibility toolbar > Show Model in Mechanism to see the Extrusion and the Hole



Assembly-Tree: the Hole element becomes a 'child' to the Profile element.

Graphic-Area: the Hole cuts completely through the existing Profile.

See Also:

Sketch-Loop, Profile, Command-Manager


Ads a Hole through an Profile/Extrusion



Before you can use this command:

1.Add a sketch-loop[1] and then do Add Profile
2.Add a sketch-loop[2] that is the shape of the hole in the Part

Make sure that all of sketch-loop[2] is inside the shape of sketch-loop[1]

See Also:

Add Profile

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