What is a Polyline?

A Polyline is a sketch-element that is a copy of a 2D-Cam or Gear-Pair

You can select the Polyline with Add Profile or Add Hole to create a Solid [or cut a hole] that is a copy of the Polyline and thus a copy of the 2D-Cam or Gears

Add Polyline' & 'Update Polyline'


Toolbar :

Solids toolbar

Command :

Add menu > Mechanism sub-menu > Solids sub-menu > Add Polyline

Add Polyline :

1.Click Solids Toolbar > Add Polyline

The Command-Manager starts. There is one selection-box.

2.Click a 2D-Cam or Gear-Pair in the graphic-area or Assembly-Tree.

The 2D-Cam or the Gear-Pair shows in the selection-box of the Command-Manager.

3.Click OK-tiny-11-15 in the Command-Manager.

The Polyline is now a child to the Part.

Update Polyline :

Do Add Polyline again after you edit the shape of the 2D-Cam, or after edit a parameter of the Gear-Pair

Notes :

If you delete a Polyline, you also delete the 2D-Cam.

You must add the 2D-Cam again.

See Also :

Add 2D-Cam; Add Gear-Pair

Add Profile, Add Hole

tog_minusDetailed: How to use Add Polyline

Use Add Polyline to:

Add a Polyline, and
Update an existing Polyline

Each 2D-Cam and Gear-Pair can have only one Polyline.

You can use a Polyline to add many Profiles.


STEP 1: Click Run menu > Home
STEP 2: Click Solids Toolbar > Add Polyline in the
- or -
Mechanism menu > Add Polyline


The Command-Manager instruction:

In the graphic-area or Assembly-Tree: select a 2D-Cam or Gear-Pair to make a Polyline sketch-element. The Polyline is a sketch-element that can be used to add a Profile Element.

The short hint over the box: 'Select a 2D-Cam / Gear-Pair to convert'.



STEP 3: Click a 2D-Cam or Gear-Pair in the graphic-area


You MUST click the 2D-Cam or Gears. to ADD or UPDATE a Polyline


STEP 4: Click OK-tiny-13-17 in the Command-Manager

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