What is 'Auto-Profile'?

Auto-Profile is a tool to automatically add a sketch-loop and Profile/Extrusion to a Part.

See also Auto-Profiles

Note: You must do Visibility toolbar > Show Model in Mechanism to see the Auto-Profile Solids.


Command :

Solids menu [or toolbar] > Add Auto-Profile...[Part]

This command also removes an Auto-Profile

What to do :

1.Click Solids Toolbar > Add Auto-Profile

The Command-Manager start. There is one selection-box.

2.Click a Part-Outline.
3.Click OK-tiny-11-15 in the Command-Manager.

Do Steps 1 -3 again to add another Auto-Profile, or to remove an Auto-Profile

Result :

MechDesigner adds a sketch-loop and Auto-Profile to the Part.

The sketch-loop is around the ends of the CAD-Line AND other fully defined sketch-elements that you may use in the Part to define a Joint.

Experiment to learn more details.

Notes :

The sketch-elements to which we add Auto-Profiles have different properties to those sketch-elements you add yourself in the Part-Editor.

They are different in the following ways:

1.They are grey in the Part-Editor
2.You cannot delete the sketch-elements
3.You cannot delete their constraints
4.You can edit their dimensions to resize the sketch-loop
5.You cannot add Pin-Joints, Slide-Joints, Ball-Joint or Planes to a sketch-element used for an Auto-Profile

See Also :

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tog_minus To edit an Extrusion from an Auto-Profile

SW-Edit Auto-Profile-Extrusion

Edit an Extrusion

1.Click an Auto-Profile in the Assembly-Tree so that it shows in the Selection-Window

The Auto-Profile and the Extrusion show in the Selection-Window

2.Right-Click the Extrusion in the Selection-Window

A contextual-menu shows next to your pointer.

3.Click Edit element from the contextual-menu

The Extrusion dialog-box opens

See Extrusion dialog-box for more information

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