Solids | Auto-Profile (Mechanism)

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Solids | Auto-Profile (Mechanism)

What is Auto-Profiles (Mechanism)?

Add Auto-Profile (Part) is a tool to add a sketch-loop and a Profile / Extrusion to each Part in the Mechanism-Editor.

Note 1:

Auto-Profile sketch-elements - are not real sketch-elements. You cannot edit or delete Auto-Profile sketch-elements. You can edit the Radius dimension of each arc in the Part-Editor.

You can edit the Extrusion, that is a child to the Auto-Profile, in the normal way - you must SHIFT+CLICK the Auto-Profile to see the Auto-Profile and Extrusion elements in the Selection-Window.

Note 2:

Use: Visibility toolbar > Show Model in Mechanism to see Profile / Extrusions


Solids toolbar > Auto-Profiles (Mechanism)

Menu :

Add menu > Mechanism sub-menu > Solids sub-menu > Add Auto-Profiles

What to do :


This command toggles to do Add Auto-Profiles and to Delete Auto-Profiles.

1.Click Solids Toolbar > Add Auto-Profiles

Parts with Auto-Profiles.

Parts with Auto-Profiles.

Result :

The Rule to add or delete the Auto-Profiles is:

If 50% of the Parts have Auto-Profiles, then we add:

Sketch-loops to Parts and Joints in all kinematic-chains

Auto-Profiles and Extrusions to the sketch-loops


If > 50% of the Parts have Auto-Profiles, then we delete:

Auto-Profiles and sketch-loops, to which we have added the Auto-Profiles

Notes :

The Auto-Profile sketch-elements, that give the shape of the sketch-loop, to which we add the Auto-Profile, have different properties to those sketch-elements you add with the Part-Editor.

1.The Auto-Profile sketch-elements are gray in the Part-Editor

2.There is an Auto-Profile Arc around each Point that is referenced by a Pin-Joint in the Mechanism-Editor

3.AND, there is an Auto-Profile Arc around each Point that is referenced by a Line, that is also referenced by a Slide-Joint in the Mechanism-Editor

4.You cannot delete the Auto-Profile sketch-elements or their constraints

5.You can edit the Radius (dimension) of each Auto-Profile Arc to re-size the sketch-loop around Points

6.You cannot add Pin-Joints, Slide-Joints, Ball-Joint or Planes to Auto-Profile sketch-element

Video :

'Expand' then 'Play'

How to...

Add Auto-Profiles to the complete Mechanism


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