Tutorial 0: Edit a Parameter - Machine-Settings

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Tutorial 0: Edit a Parameter - Machine-Settings

Edit a parameter in the Machine Settings dialog-box

In this tutorial, we edit a parameter with the:


Zero/Round/Copy/Paste contextual-menu

Keyboard to enter a simple equation

We will edit Cycles / Min and No-of-Steps in the Machine Settings dialog-box.

Top-Tip : CYCLES / MIN = 0.0001 for stationary mechanism balancing, or for gravitational and/or spring loads only.

For example: Scissor Lifts, Guard Balancing, counter balancing.

Cycles / Min parameter: does not change the animation speed.

Video: Edit Machine-Settings


Tutorial 0

Edit Machine-Settings

Edit a Cycles/Min parameter


Edit the Machine-Settings

You can open the Machine-Settings from the menu or the toolbar:

Edit toolbar > Machine Settings Icon

Edit toolbar > Machine-Settings

Edit toolbar > Machine-Settings

Edit menu > Machine-Settings

Edit menu > Machine-Settings

Edit toolbar > Machine Settings

Edit toolbar > Machine Settings

1.Click the Edit toolbar Expand icon (see blue in image above) to expand the Edit toolbar

2.Click the Machine Settings icon (red in image above).

- or -

1.Click Edit menu > Machine Settings

<< Edit menu

The Machine Settings dialog-box

Machine-Settings dialog-box

Machine-Settings dialog-box

If necessary, in the Machine-Settings dialog-box:

1.Click  Cycling Parameters , possibly two times, to expand the box and show the parameters.


There are three areas of a parameter box

111.3 Red-14-3

Data-value : the value of the parameter that you can edit

0.1 Red-14-3

Spin-Increment : see STEP 1 below



Spin-Box : see below

Right-click the data-value to see this contextual menu : see STEP 2 - below



To make the parameter be 0 , or a very small value if the parameter cannot be 0


To make the parameter to be the nearest value that is exactly divisible by the Spin-Increment - see Spin-Box tool below


To copy the value that is in the parameter box to your clipboard


To paste a value that is in your clipboard to the parameter box

tog_minusSpin-Box tool
tog_minusZero / Round / Copy / Paste
tog_minusEnter an Equation