Edit a parameter in the Machine Settings dialog-box

In this tutorial, we edit a parameter with the:

Spin-Box tool
Zero/Round contextual-menu
Keyboard, to enter a simple equation

We will edit Cycles / Min and No-of-Steps in the Machine Settings dialog-box.

Video: Edit Machine-Settings


Tutorial 0

Edit Machine-Settings

Edit a Cycles/Min parameter


Step by Step

Open the Machine-Settings dialog-box

Edit toolbar > Machine Settings Icon

Expanded Edit toolbar

Expanded Edit toolbar

Edit menu > Machine-Settings

Edit menu > Machine-Settings

Edit toolbar > Mechine Settings icon

Edit toolbar > Mechine Settings icon

1.Click the Edit toolbar expander icon [see blue in image above] to expand the Edit toolbar
2.Click Edit toolbar > Machine Settings icon [red in image above].

- or -

1.Click Edit menu > Machine Settings

<< Edit menu

Machine-Settings dialog-box

Machine-Settings dialog-box

In the dialog-box, if you cannot see the Cycles/Min and No of Steps parameters, then:

1.Click the orange  Cycling Parameters  separator, possibly two times, to show the parameters.

Parameters [See more here].

Each parameter has the following information:

Parameter icon : to the left of the parameter box - see also: How to use the Local Help

Parameter Name: 'Cycles / Min' above the parameter box [Read only]

Parameter value : the top row of the parameter box. [In the image, parameter value = 111.3].

Spin-Increment value : is the bottom row of the data-box. [In the image, the spin-increment value = 0.1 ].

Spin-Box tool : is to the right of the data-box. [In the image, the Red box. See more here ].

It has two rows of arrowheads. The:

Top arrow buttons edit the 'Parameter' value.
Bottom arrow buttons edit the 'Spin-Increment' value.

Cycles / Min parameter: does not change the animation speed.

Cycles / Min changes the simulation speed, to give different kinematic and kinetostatic [force] results.

STEP 1: Use the Spin-Box tool to edit Cycles/min

Spin-Box tool: 1s-red

Note: The Spin-Box tool is expanded in the image so that you can see the arrowheads more clearly.

Edit the Data Value

Top : Left4s  arrowhead to decrease Cycles / Min by the Spin-Increment[0.1] : After one click: 111.3 0.1 = 111.2
Top : Right5s arrowhead to increase Cycles / Min by the Spin-Increment[0.1] : After one click: 111.3 + 0.1 = 111.4

Edit the Spin-Increment

Bottom : Left6s arrowhead to decrease the Spin-Increment2s : After one click: 0.1 ÷ 10 = 0.01
Bottom : Right7s arrowhead three times to increase the Spin-Increment 2s : After one click: 0.01 × 10 = 0.1 ; 0.1 × 10 = 1 ; 1 × 10 = 10

STEP 2: Use the Zero / Round contextual menu to edit Cycles/min

Zero/Round contextual-menu: 2s

Cycle/ Min parameter is 111.4.  Spin-Increment = 10 [from above].

a.Right-click with your mouse-pointer in the data-box Cycles/min to show the contextual-sensitive 'zero / round' menu

Round will find the nearest value that is divisible by the Spin-Increment [10]

b.Click Round to to round the equal to 110 - see image

STEP 3: Enter an Equation to edit No of Steps

Enter an equation with your keyboard 3s

a.Click in the data box, so that the cursor is immediately after the data-value '100'
b.Enter with your keyboard: '+20' to give '100+20' - see image3s
c.Press enter on your keyboard to update the value to 120.

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