Add the 3 Stationary 2D-Cams

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Add the 3 Stationary 2D-Cams

The Stationary Cams rotate the Bottle and Tools as they rotate with the Turret.

When the motions and shapes of the Tools are correct, we can add the Cam-Followers and Cams.


The Amplitude of the Motions designed for the Bottle Platform and the Transfer Tool are quite small. Hence, it is a simple step to add 2D-Cams.

The Motion Amplitude for the P&P Tool is too big to add a Cam to move the Tool directly. There are two other options:

1.Turn the tool by 360º and more. This needs a complex Cam with a number of followers - usually 4 followers in a start.

2.Use a Gear Segment and Pinion to reduce the motion amplitude of the Cam-Follower.

3.Three Stationary 2D-Cams:

Do these steps:

1.Step 6B.7: Bottle Platform

2.Step 6B.8: Transfer Tool

3.Step 6B.9: P&P Tool


Video of this Section: The Stationary 2D-Cams

The Stationary 2D-Cams