Step 6B.9: Add the P&P Tool Stationary 2D-Cam

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Step 6B.9: Add the P&P Tool Stationary 2D-Cam

This Step Adds the Stationary 2D-Cam to Control the movement of the P&P Tool.

This 2D-Cam does not control the P&P Tool.

We add a new Part and a Gear-Pair to control the Motion of the P&P Tool.

Note: since we wrote this tutorial, we have introduced the Add Gear-Pair command.


STEP 1: Select the P&P Turret and start the Part-Editor.

Step 1 is Complete


STEP 2: Add sketch-elements to give the center for the Cam-Follower

Step 2 is complete

Add some Lines and dimension.

STEP 3: Close the Part-Editor



STEP 4: Add a Part

STEP 5: Add a Pin-Joint between the new Part and the Point in the new sketch.

Step 5 is complete

The Part for the Cam-Follower Roller. The motion of the Cam-Follower is 'equal' to the tool, but 5 times less in amplitude.


STEP 6: Add a Motion-Dimension FB to the New Part to specify its angle relative to a Line

STEP 7: Add a Gearing FB. Double-click it and edit the Gear Ratio to -0.2.

STEP 8: Connect the output from the Motion-Dimension FB that defines the motion for the Tool to the Gearing FB

STEP 9: Connect the output from the Gearing FB to the Motion-Dimension FB that now controls the Cam-Follower

Step 9 is complete

The New Part will now rotate with the P&P Tool but only with 5 times less than the rotation amplitude.


STEP 10: Edit the New Part

STEP 11: Add a Circle to give the shape for a Cam-Follower

STEP 12: Close the Part-Editor

Step 12 is complete


STEP 13: Add a Profile with the new Circle

Step 13 is complete


STEP 14: Add a 2D-Cam to the Base-Part and the new Profile

Step 14 is complete

The image to the left shows the new 2D-Cam.