The Turret and Platform for the Bottle

The Turret rotates at constant angular velocity.

Bottles are on platforms. We can call them 'Bottle Platforms', or 'Platforms'.

The platforms rotate with the Turret. Each bottle platform can also rotate about its own axis (Pin-Joint).

There are frequently many platforms on each Turret. It is usually necessary to model only one platform.

This Step models two Parts:

A Part to model the Bottle Turret - it is a Crank.
A Part to model a Bottle Platform on the Turret - it is a Rocker.

In a later step, we will edit the motion of the Rocker and the shape of the Bottle.

Summary of this Section: Add Bottle Turret with a Bottle Platform for tool.

See the video to the left.

Step 6B.1: Add Bottle Turret and Bottle Platform


tog_minusAdd the Bottle Turret

The Bottle Turret is a Part that rotates at constant velocity. It is a Crank.


STEP 0: Add a Mechanism.

Add the Mechanism to the 'Horizontal' Plane. This is because our Rotary Labelling machines rotates about a vertical axis. A Turret will nearly always rotate at constant velocity. See Tutorial 1.

Or to do Tutorial 1 again:

STEP 1: Add a Line, or CAD-Line, to the Base-Part.
STEP 2: Add a Part.

Rename this Part to: 'Bottle Turret'

STEP 3: Add a Pin-Joint
STEP 4: Add a Motion-Dimension FB;  Add a Linear-Motion FB; Connect the Functions Blocks
STEP 5: Edit the 'Base-Value' of the Motion-Dimension (Double-Click the Motion-Dimension FB icon) – here 0º

Step 5 is complete


STEP 6: Edit the Part (Double-Click the Part-Outline).
STEP 7: Edit its length to make it equal to the Pitch Circle RADIUS of the Platforms on the Turret: 250mm.
STEP 8: Add a Circle so that its radius is equal to the length of the Main Turret Part.

Top-Tip: Add constraints to a Circle so it 'expands' or 'contracts' with the length of a Part:

Use Coincident constraints:

1: Between the centre-Point of the Circle and the Point at the Origin of the Part.

2: Between the circumference of the circle and the Point at the end of the Part/CAD-Line.

Step 8 is complete

tog_minusAdd Bottle Platform

To add the Bottle Platform, add a Rocker on to the end-Point of the CAD-Line and Part that is the Bottle Turret.

It is convenient to join the Bottle-Platform with a Pin-Joint to the end-Point of the CAD-Line in the Bottle Turret for the Pin-Joint.


STEP 1: Add a new Part; Edit its length to 50mm
STEP 2: Add a Pin-Joint between the 'origin' of the new Part and the end 'Bottle Turret'
STEP 3: Rename the new Part to: 'Bottle Platform'
STEP 4: Add a Motion-Dimension FB to identify the 'Bottle Platform' as the Part we will move with a specified motion relative to the motion of the 'Bottle Turret'.
STEP 5: Note: When you add the Motion-Dimension FB, the second selection, is the CAD-Line of the 'Main Turret'.
STEP 6: Open the new Motion-Dimension FB dialog-box (double-click the FB icon) to edit the 'Base-Value' of the 'Bottle Platform' so that it is in-line to the 'Bottle Turret', that is at 180º.

Step 12 is complete

Assembly -Tree


The Assembly-Tree shows the list of the elements in the mechanism.

We have renamed the two Parts to:

BOTTLE TURRET - it is 250mm long
BOTTLE PLATFORM - it is 50mm long.

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