Step 6B.1: Add Bottle Turret and Bottle Platform

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Step 6B.1: Add Bottle Turret and Bottle Platform

The Turret and Platform for the Bottle

The Turret rotates at constant angular velocity.

Bottles are on platforms. We can call them 'Bottle Platforms', or 'Platforms'.

The platforms rotate with the Turret. Each bottle platform can also rotate about its own axis (Pin-Joint).

There are frequently many platforms on each Turret. It is usually necessary to model only one platform.

This Step models two Parts:

A Part to model the Bottle Turret - it is a Crank.

A Part to model a Bottle Platform on the Turret - it is a Rocker.

In a later step, we will edit the motion of the Rocker and the shape of the Bottle.

Summary of this Section: Add Bottle Turret with a Bottle Platform for tool.

See the video to the left.

Step 6B.1: Add Bottle Turret and Bottle Platform


tog_minusAdd the Bottle Turret

tog_minusAdd Bottle Platform

Assembly -Tree


The Assembly-Tree shows the list of the elements in the mechanism.

We have renamed the two Parts to:

BOTTLE TURRET - it is 250mm long

BOTTLE PLATFORM - it is 50mm long.