Step 6B.2: Add Transfer Turret and Tool

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Step 6B.2: Add Transfer Turret and Tool

This 'Sub-assembly' also has two parts: the Part for the Label Transfer Turret and the Part for the Tool on the Turret.

We will use the 'Label Transfer Tool' to 'accept' the label from the 'Pick & Place Tool' and transfer the label onto the Bottle.

In this step we will add two Parts:

Label Transfer Turret.

This is a 'Crank'. The center of the Crank is at X=450, Y=0. It has a length of 100mm

Edit the Motion-Dimension FB of the Crank to make the Base-Value =180º.

It will rotate in a negative direction, at 2X the speed of the Bottle Turret.

Label Transfer Tool.

This is a Part. It has a length of 50mm.

Join the Part with a Pin-Joint to the end-Point of the Crank.

Add a Motion-Dimension to move this Part relative to the Crank.

Summary of this Section: Add Label Transfer Turret with a Label Platform for tool.

See the video to the left.

Step 6B.2: Add Label Transfer Turret and Tool




tog_plusAdd the Transfer Turret and Tool


This is the last time we will tell you how to: Add a Crank.

STEP 1: Add a Line to the Base-Part with start Point at Position X=450mm, Y=0mm.

STEP 2: Add a Part. Edit its Length to be 100mm

STEP 3: Add a Pin-Joint between the new Part and the new Line in the Base-Part

STEP 4: Add a Motion-Dimension FB to specify the angle of the new Part

STEP 5: Edit the Base-Value of the new Rocker Motion-Dimension – here 180º (it might be -180º in the dialog-box)

Rename the new Rocker (Crank) Part to 'Label Transfer Turret'Red-14-1b


Add a new Part to the End of the 'Label Transfer Turret'.

Do Steps 2–5 above again. However, make:

the length of the new Part equal to 50mm

the Base-Value of the Rocker Motion-Dimension equal to 180º

Rename the new Rocker Part to 'Label Transfer Tool'Red-14-2


Drive the 'Label Transfer Turret' at twice the angular speed and in the opposite direction to the Main Turret.

STEP 6: Add a Gearing FBRed-14-3 to the graphic-area

STEP 7: Edit the Gearing FB (double-click on it). Change the Gear Ratio to '-2'.

STEP 8: Connect the Linear-Motion FB to the Gearing FB to the Motion-Dimension FB to drive the Label Transfer Turret.