Step 6B.3: Add P&P Turret and Tool

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Step 6B.3: Add P&P Turret and Tool

This 'sub-assembly' also has two parts: the Part for the Pick and Place Turret and the Part for the Tool on the Turret.

We will use the Pick and Place Tool to 'Pick' the Label from a Label Magazine and 'Place' it on the Label Transfer Tool (see Step 6B.2 for the Label Transfer Tool).


Note: the label magazine is not necessarily stationary. There are magazine designs that oscillate to facilitate the transfer of a label to the Label Pick & Place Tool.

The P&P Turret and Tool are virtually the same as the Parts in Step 6B.2. It rotates in the same direction as the Label Transfer Turret. It is equally possible that the Turrets rotate in opposite directions, like the Bottle Turret and Label Turret.

tog_minusAdd the Label Pick & Place Turret and Tool