This 'sub-assembly' also has two parts: the Part for the Pick and Place Turret and the Part for the Tool on the Turret.

We will use the Pick and Place Tool to 'Pick' the Label from a Label Magazine and 'Place' it on the Label Transfer Tool (see Step 6B.2 for the Label Transfer Tool).


Note: the label magazine is not necessarily stationary. There are magazine designs that oscillate to facilitate the transfer of a label to the Label Pick & Place Tool.

The P&P Turret and Tool are virtually the same as the Parts in Step 6B.2. It rotates in the same direction as the Label Transfer Turret. It is equally possible that the Turrets rotate in opposite directions, like the Bottle Turret and Label Turret.

tog_minusAdd the Label Pick & Place Turret and Tool


The very last time I will tell you how to Add a Rocker.

STEP 1: Add a Line to the Base-Part with start Position at X=750mm, Y=0mm
STEP 2: Add a Part. Edit its Length to be 100mm
STEP 3: Add a Pin-Joint between the new Part and the new Line in the Base-Part
STEP 4: Add a Motion-Dimension FB to identify the new Part we will move with a specified motion.
STEP 5: Edit the 'Base-Value' of the new Motion-Dimension – here 180º (it might be -180º in the dialog-box)

Do Steps 1–5 again for the Label P&P Tool so that it is:

joined to the end of the Label P&P Turret
horizontal and
50mm long.


Rename the Parts to:

'Label P&P Turret'
'Label P&P Tool'

The Parts in Assembly-Tree to the left.

You should find it easy to add Parts that rotate at constant speed.

To rotate a Crank in a Counter-Clockwise direction, add a Gearing FB and edit the Gear Ratio to a 'negative' number.


Drive the 'Label P&P Turret' at the same speed as the Label 'Transfer Turret' and in the same direction.

STEP 6: Connect the Gearing FB to the P&P Turret

This image shows the Turrets rotated so that they are easier to see.

We now have added six Parts: three Turrets, each with a Tool connected to the 'distal' end.

The directions of the Turrets are edited for speed and direction with the Gearing FB.

The Lengths of the Turrets and Tools are equal to the diameters of the Pitch Circle Diameters of the centre of the Tools and the radius of the tool that transfers the label.

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