This Step adds the Stationary 2D-Cam that controls the movement of the Bottle Platform.

An important understanding is that the command 'Add 2D-Cam' is the same as any 2D-Cam, we simple select the Base-Part as the 'Part' element.


STEP 1: Start the Part-Editor with the Part used for Bottle sketch.

The image to the left shows the Bottle sketch in the Part-Editor.


STEP 2: Add a Circle.
STEP 3: Dimension its size and position.

Step 3 is Complete

STEP 4: Close the Part-Editor


Top-Tip: You can close the Part-Editor if you double-click a sketch-element.


STEP 5: Click Add Profile in the Solids toolbar or Solids menu
STEP 6: Click the Circle.
STEP 7: Click OK in the Command-Manager

Step 7 is complete

The image shows the Bottle in the Mechanism-Editor and the Profile – in Pink – added to the Circle.

The Circle will be the Cam-Follower.


STEP 8: Click Add 2D-Cam in the Machine-elements toolbar
STEP 9: Click the Base-Part [this is Stationary]
STEP 10: Click the Profile that is added to the Circle
STEP 11: Click OK in the Command-Manager

Step 11 is Complete

MechDesigner adds the 2D-Cam to the Base-Part.

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