Add a Gear-Pair

We have chosen to add a gear-pair with an orbiting gear.

[See Tutorial 14 for more information on Gear-Pairs]

tog_minus        Preparation 2A: 'Add a Gear-Pair'


This Gear-Pair will include a Stationary Internal Gear and an External Gear to roll along the inside of it. The external gear, inside the internal gear, will have 1/3 of the number-of-teeth.

STEP 1: Edit the Base-Part
STEP 2: Add a Horizontal Line – see the image to the left.
STEP 3: Close the Part-Editor


STEP 1: Add a Part to the Mechanism-Editor
STEP 2: Add a Pin-Joint between the Part and the Point at the left of the Line added to the Base-Part
STEP 3: Add a Motion-Dimension FB to identify the Part as a Rocker
STEP 4: Add a Linear-Motion FB to the graphic-area
STEP 5: Connect the Linear-Motion FB to the Motion-Dimension FB


STEP 1: Add a new Part
STEP 2: Add a Pin-Joint to join the new Part to the end of the First Part

Notice that one Part is Blue, and the others are Green.



STEP 1: Add a Gear-Pair...

The four selections for the Gear-Pair are:

1.The Horizontal Line in the Base-Part
2.The CAD-Line in the Blue Added-Part
3.The CAD-Line in the kinematically-defined Part that connects the Base-Part to the Added-Part
4.The length dimension of the kinematically-defined Part – the CAD-Line
STEP 2: Click OK in the Command-Manager,
- or -
Right-click as a shortcut.

MechDesigner draws the Gear-Pair with a 'Number-of-Teeth' and 'Module'.


STEP 1: Double-Click on Gear-Pair in the graphic-area

The Gear-Pair dialog-box opens.

Edit the Gear-Pair as follows:

Gear 1: 60 Teeth,

Gear 2: 20 Teeth,

Module = 5,

Gear 1: Internal

Click OK.

When you cycle, the larger gear is stationary.


STEP 1: Edit the Part with the gear that has 20 teeth.
STEP 2: Add a Line to extend from the 'Origin'
STEP 3: Dimension the Line, and its Angle relative to the CAD-Line along the X-axis
STEP 4: Close the Part-Editor
STEP 5: Add a Design-Set – See Tutorial 7
STEP 6: Double-click on the Design-Set in the Mechanism Assembly-Tree to edit it.
STEP 7: Edit the Part again and add the Length and the Angle of the Line to the Design-Set.


STEP 1: Click the Add Trace-Point tool in the Kinematic-elements toolbar [left of graphic-area]


STEP 2: Click the Point to the end of new sketch Line added to the Part
STEP 3: Click OK in the Command-Manager
- or -

MechDesigner shows the Trace-Point.

If you cycle the machine [ALT+C [C for R13.2+]] you will see the Point at the end of the Line move along the Trace-Point.


Edit the Design-Set

STEP 1: Double-click the Design-Set in the Assembly-Tree.
STEP 2: Edit the Length and Angle of the Line until the Trace-Point is as shown in the image to the Left.

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