Auto Rebuild toggle button


Auto Rebuild : model is always up-to-date.

The model automatically updates when you edit:

A Motion-Dimension FB
A Motion in MotionDesigner (when the Traffic-light in MotionDesigner is also active)
The geometry of any kinematically-defined Part with the Part-Editor
Any parameter in a Function-Block.


Auto Rebuild : model may not be up-to-date - see the 'Castle' for the active state.

The model does not update with all commands.
Cams do not update when you edit parameters.
However, it is still possible to add Parts, Joints and Function-Blocks.
The model rebuilds when you click inactive Rebuild button to make it 'active' again.

Rebuild Now toggle button [New MD14+]


The model is up-to-date

The model is built to the latest edit.

This icon should always be in this state, when 'Auto-Rebuild is always up-to-date' [see above]


The model is not up-to-date

This icon should only be in this state when Auto-Rebuild may not be up-to-date [see above], and you have made an edit to the model or parameter.

To rebuild the model [castle!]

1.Click this icon to update the model to the latest state


1.Click the Auto-Rebuild icon to make the model always up-to-date


Note-Pencil-20 Large Model Tips:

Make Auto-rebuild Inactive. Then experiment. Many commands continue when Rebuild is inactive. Then make it active and then inactive again, every 4-5 commands to rebuild.
Number-of-Steps : Make 90, or even less. You do not need many steps for a machine cycle while you build the model.
Show Model in the Mechanism-Editor : Do not use as you edit model's kinematics, if possible.
Image Quality : Change to 'Low', then save and re-open the model. Do this when there are many Solids in the model.
Spin-Box tool. In each dialog-box, do not use the Spin-Box tool when the model is large, because the model will update after each click. Use your keyboard to enter new values in each data box.

Note-Pencil-20   Toggle Auto-Rebuild on and off at least one time to the always up-to-date state before you do important analysis with your model.

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