The Command History Tool


The Command History dialog-box shows the commands that you have completed in MechDesigner since you last saved your model.

The most recent command is at the top of the list.

To undo many commands:

1.Click lower[] in the list of commands.

To redo commands that have been undone:

2.Click higher[] in the list of commands.

Note: 'Redo:

If you do a new command after you 'undo', then the history list will clear and become empty.

If you Save the model, the history list  will clear and become empty.

How to use the Command History Tool.


STEP 1: Click on Edit menu > Show Command History


MechDesigner opens the Command History tool.

STEP 2: Click a command lower down the list.

You will see the commands 'undo'.

The commands that have the 'cross' become the commands that you have 'undone'.


STEP 3: Click the command at the top of the list.

MechDesigner re-applies the commands and the model re-assembles to its original state.

The commands you redo now have a 'tick'.


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